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Sep 11, 2015


When Is Preston Court Day in KY?


The Preston Court Days are set to run for a total of four (official) days and always ends on the third Monday in October.  
Unofficially, however, it expands a full seven days if you count when the locals begin to set up early.

Court Days in Preston, KY, is an outdoor festival known to locals as Trade Days.

Every year the attractions grow and expand drastically.
The main focus of of the Preston Court Days are the dog and various animal trades, gun swapping/buying, and yard sales. Especially since the neighboring Mt.Sterling Trade Days banned 
 the sale or trade of animals around 1970.
But there are also numerous flea market type booths, craft booths, food booths and even some smaller carnival rides staggered all throughout Preston,


The last day of the event is ALWAYS the third Monday of October. 

So this will help you determine which day it begins each year.

Where is Preston, KY?
Preston is one of the towns that make up the county known as Bath. It is only about three miles south west of Owingsville, right off I-64 interstate, exit 121. It was founded in 1881 as Preston Station as being part of the Big Sandy Railroad. 

Directions to Preston, KY please click here: Preston Map

I recommend the Blooming Onions! 
The original ones, not the cheaper versions out there. 

But my sister swears the Amish home made fried apple pies are to die for!

And the chili dogs along with an ice cold Ale-8.

And my husband loves the Philly Cheese Steak with all the peppers and such:

If you need driving directions to Preston, KY 
please click here: Preston Map

For vendor information, you may try this FB link.
Note: Sorry, I am no help otherwise for booth rentals.

Bit o' History
Preston Court Days originally stemmed off from the Mt. Sterling Court Days in the 1970's with the help from James "Coon" Conyers.

Way back in 1794, the Mt. Sterling Court days got it's name because once a year the Circuit Judge made a visit to town to try criminals.  And people from the area  would meet up  to sell their items and crops or to do some trading of goods. Back then Mt. Sterling allowed the sale and trade of dogs and many other animals.  But dogs were always the main attraction.  Hunters from all over came to buy, sell and trade for dogs. Hence the nickname of the event, Trade Days. 

Then sometime in the 1970's, the Mt. Sterling Court Days banned the sale of animals, especially dogs. I'm not sure why but many people were outraged, including James "Coon" Conyers.  He had been running the largest dog trade days in KY, so he decided that he would start one up in Preston. 
And wow did it take off!

Nowadays, coon hunters, shoppers, sightseers, antique hunters and everyday locals can't wait for this yearly event to roll in!
The tiny town of Preston is made up of only about 500 people.  But when Court Days roll in, the visitor count will easily exceed ten to fifteen thousand.  And each year that number continues to grow!

See ya'll there either buying, selling or trading.

Leave a comment and let us all know what your 
favorite Court Day Food is!

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  1. Preston Court Days sound very interesting. Would love to visit if I have the opportunity to do so!

    1. Hi Nancy, it sure is something to visit if you possibly can. They really do have something for everyone. Even if you're not looking to buy, you can feast at some awesome food booths too.

  2. Replies
    1. I was out there both Friday and Saturday and there were plenty of golf carts, four wheelers and atv's riding around. Even four wheelers pulling tobacco wagons to give people lifts for a $1.00.

  3. Can you buy,sell or trade hunting dogs this year

  4. Do you have any idea how many vendors will be there this year?

    1. There are wayyyy to many vendors to try and even take a wild guess. It's in full swing now, come out n visit if you can.

  5. Do you know how many vendors will be there this year?

  6. Me my mom and my daughter are leaving late tonight from our home in Jonesborough, TN heading there. We are staying until Sunday evening. Me and mom came two years ago on a whim and loved it. So we are very excited to be able to come back!! Can't wait!!

    1. Oh great! So glad you are making it back! Tomorrow should be the busiest day. It sure does have something for everyone.
      I just got home from there. We ran out and grabbed dinner at a vendor booth because we are close. Blooming onion for me and philly cheese steak with extra everything for hubby.
      Hope yall have fun and find something you can't live without!

  7. Replies
    1. usually around 8am it starts back up good and continues until about dark

    2. I have heard of Shepard puppies being sold in preston flea markets by possibly the Amish community? If you know anybody like that I am interested please reply!! Thank you so much

    3. Hi Ryan. There are lots of people that you see walking around with dogs for sell or trade, as they say. And in the back section, there's an animal lot, with lots of animals, chickens, rabbits all kinds.
      I personally don't know about Shepard puppies, but I'd suggest you follow the Facebook link above and maybe ask on there. I'd say someone would have a lead for ya. Sorry I can't tell ya more on 'em.

  8. Which day is least crowded? And do all vendors stay through Monday? Thanks.

    1. Hi Peggy. Probably one of the first few days open is the least crowded. And Saturday and Sunday is usually the most crowded. And no some vendors are already packed up and gone by Monday. But there's still usually a lot left to browse.

  9. what is the address to put in your tom tom

    1. Blevins Grocery (which is center of the court day)
      6825 Preston Road
      Owingsville, KY 40360
      (It's the old store in my photo way at the top of this post.)

      or The Wander In Store is right at the Owingsville end (so you'll get to park at the beginning) of court day and here is the address
      for that.
      79 Blevins Valley Rd, Owingsville, KY 40360

  10. hello,I have been coming to mt. sterlings court days for 31 yrs straight, I love it it's my Christmas, my old man used to come and we never new about preston until an old friend of mine that did sell beagles told me about it, being the curious guy I had to find it, it was hard to find the first couple times and I think someone should put a temporary sign pointing to preston, well the old man died and I bring my 2 grandson's now 12 and 13 this yr, I have been coming to preston 10 yrs and like it almost more than mt.ster. the people and venders are nicer more country folk like myself, I am a farmer and love dogs food and guns, oh the women are nicer at preston also.,i will look for your booth, coming on Saturday and mt. ster. on Friday.

    1. Great to hear you love it out there! A great tradition to pass on to your 2 grandsons. Maybe one day they will be bringing their grandsons too!

  11. Make sure that I don't go to Prestsonburg KY. Two different place when I click k on the map it tried to take me there.

    1. Hi Debbie, yes, after clicking the map link, Google brings up Preston KY 40360 first, then under that the "Prestonburg location" available also for some reason. Always make sure to click on the first one, PRESTON Kentucky. Thank you for pointing that out. Great advice to those clicking in. Always go with PRESTON, KY 40360.

  12. Couldn't they do it a different weekend than mt Sterling ct. Days


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