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Nov 14, 2022

More Snowmen for my Craft Fairs

To get ready for our local Vendor Craft Fairs,
I have been in Snowman overload!

Below are some wood slices that I freehanded some snowman
scenes on. just start by painting the backgrounds black and
then go with it.

More and more Snowmen Clothespins in the make!

I also make some of these into magnets.

Heres an old aluminum lid I found and just decided to throw a snowman face on it.

More Snowman wooden spoons!
And there on the end I am trying out a few white plastic ones.

But so far i’m not loving them.

Heres an old chait I found at my late Dads house.

Its not sone of course, but its in the making.

And below you will never guess what I made this entire

primitive looking snowman out of!

An old drawer bottom that fell out of a set of chester type drawers! The long pieces side ways for the nose and hat brim

are the pieces that broke off.

This snowman is my favorite of all and will be pricesd at $12.00.

Happy Crafting Ya’ll!


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