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Nov 24, 2011


I just started trying my hand at sewing over the past weekend.
And to my amazement, I really enjoy it.

By no means am I good at it, but I do like it.
I'm liking doing little pillows so far. And really like stitching on cute little sayings to make them stand out.

This batch, I choose to stitch the word "Believe" on it, and they are on black and cream homespun material.
 And then I toyed with the words "FAITH" and "LOVE."
It turns out that it is not really that hard as long as you don't try to keep them perfect.
Which I cannot do at all. lol
But little things here and there tend to make them more prim anyways.

Larger hand stitched tuck pillows are only $4.99 in my Booth#555

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Your pillows came out wonderful! Stitchery is my absolute favorite thing to do... but my first pillows didn't look as good as yours do! Thankfully, I have come a LONG way! LOL
    Have a wonderful holiday season!


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