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Apr 7, 2015

DIY: Vintage Halloween Labels

Halloween Labels

I know it's not close to time yet but here's a Halloween post.
Or if you buy other themed labels, leave them out all year.

For this post, I ordered some sticky Halloween themed labels from eBay, (because I didn’t feel like going out and buying the sticker paper & buying images on Etsy at the moment.)
Which has awesome images btw, if you've never thought of that!

I made a lil box of things with labels to go in my Peddlers Mall booth as well. Here they are after I used what I needed, I packaged the left over labels up for sale in my booth also. 

So people can put them on what they want, if they don’t like my pre-made items.
As you see, they are just basically pre-made stickers with cute Halloween themes. 
That’s it. Ready to stick. 
Just find an object to put them on. 

Here’s some more pics of how I used them below on an old medicine bottle, can of beans and a can of tuna. I just took off the original labels and stuck them right on.
And here’s a little display I made on the front porch. Note the cute little barn wood cabinet that my wonderful hubby Greg made! Gotta love a crafty man! :-)

I also sell them in my Booth#555.
I love these labels. 
So simple but they add a unique look for my decorations. 

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

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