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Aug 27, 2016


These no sew, burlap feed sacks are easy and adds lots of country to any dining room or kitchen.

I ordered some plain, flat burlap bags on ebay,


and then just got out my stamps and ink.

I then stuffed them with the fillings from a new pillow from Walmart.  Oddly, this way lots of stuffing only costed $2.50. It was cheaper than buying a bag of regular stuffing in the craft department.

And to seal up the opened top, I just got out my hand stapler and stapled it right up. 
See, they are barely noticeable.
But if that little bit does bother you, you could always go back and hot glue some jute twine on top of them.

And if you notice the squares around the letters, I guess that is because the burlap was a little thick. I did have a cutting board inside them while they were flat.  To try and help with pressing the stamps, but it didn't turn out how I thought. But I do like the little border squares on the letters after all.

I have them sitting in the dinning room beside an old, round, vintage heating stove.

And here they are again, all finished up and tucked into a slat, apple basket.

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Happy Crafting ya'll,

And if you are in the mood for Halloween / Fall themed burlap bags,

And a link to the