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Aug 12, 2016


 I am super excited this morning to be typing up this blog sitting right beside my latest makeover project.  It was latest auction find. 
This old, solid wood door that I managed to snatch up for only $2.00. I guess no one was interested except for me.

Before: My old $2.00 Door
It has the cutest, working hardware and hinges (one left at the auction house that I need to get) from the old days. And is very solid still.

The aged chipping is just beautiful!

I had to clean it a couple of times before getting to the paint. And in doing so, I knocked off lots of the chippy paint. But there's still tons left.

I had previously bought some buttercup yellow paint, in the Olde Century Colors in simulated milk paint, at the same auction for $6.00 a can. I got all they had which was two yellows and a barn red. Oddly, the paint cost more than the door. Go figure.
Buttercup Yellow
One coat is all it took. And I just love how it looks now.
I was going to put it in my craft booth for sale, but I think I'm going to wait.
I love how I have it sitting right beside my desk in my computer room.

 To finish up the door, I got out an old lace table runner and draped it over some red and white ticking fabric that I folded over it.
And I hung a little cute sign:
"To have joy, One must share."
~Jane Austin

Take another look, side by side, of how just a bit of cleaning and paint can change something.

I love it!
And now every morning this old $2.00 door welcomes me to my craft blog.
My desk chair came from an auction too, new in plastic for only $5.00.
Ps. the Hobnail lamp (missing the round shade) I also won at the same auction for only $2.00!!!!
I am now on the hunt for the matching hobnail globe.

I love that place! 

Don't pass up a good bargain ya'll!
I sure can't.
Happy Crafting,

Sep 25, 2013

DIY Frosted Metal Stars

I am gearing up for winter sales in my booth #555. And am doing a lot of winter projects right now.
Todays post is how I take plain metal stars and paint them to look like they are frosted. I love this effect and its super easy!

Here is the before version, in which I buy these by the gross.Sorry the pic is so off centered. This tablet is taking a lot to get used to.

 First  I bought some Rustoleum spray paint in metallic finish color.

 I sprayed the star in an even coat and allowed it to almost dry.

Then I sprayed it again in another even coat and used a piece of crinkled up tissue paper to dab the wet paint. Giving it a frosted appearance. Don't overdue it. It just takes sparse dabs here n there.
I had zebra themed tissue paper on hand.

And that was really all there was to it. I really love the frosted look. And it gives me a break from constantly stocking the basic colors of red, white and blue stars.

Price for $9.99 in my Booth#555

Aug 12, 2013

Primitive Wood Shelf | FAITH FAMILY FRIENDS

I made this simple little wall hanging shelf outta some leftover pieces of pine boards.
They were used earlier by me, to make a concrete cross.
So after I took the frame back out, I knew I could use them for something else as well.

I just started arranging them in no particular order, just trying to piece together something that would look cute. And then after a few here and there mis-licks, I came up with this cute little shelf looking thing. lol.

It looked kinda country, so I decided to just nail it together with some headless nails and add two saw-toothed hangers on the back.

You can see that at the bottom, one of my nails tried to breath through. Oh well, I just left it that way. It was easier than trying to take a headless nail back out. lol.

Then I added some black, crafting, apple barrel paint for the base color. And then used some flat, plastic wording stencils for the "FAITH FAMILY and FRIENDS" saying. I applied it with a makeup sponge.

And here it is, all finished and from scraps of wood:

I think it's okay for a fast project out of scrap wood, don't you?