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Dec 7, 2011


Here is my Tobacco Stick Star

I used some of the old tobacco sticks I had laying around.
 I had my husband nail them with a nail gun in the shape of stars.  

The basic star pattern, laid out on the ground. 
Here they are in full size, laid out. For this door star I had to cut the full size sticks down.

For decoration, I added a handmade bow and glued on some gold beads and here you have it.

But after looking at it with the beads, I really prefer it plain with some homespun ribbon instead of the fancy, gold bow.

It's for sale in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555
Price: $9.99 Sold 

Here are a few more tobacco stick stars that I made without anything fancy:
I just dry brushed on some red paint to the edges and added a grapevine wreath to the center

This is one plain before I did any painting or decorations. I sell them like this also. They are great hanging on barns and sheds.
Here is a larger tobacco stick star that I had him nail together so I could stick it around behind my flowers for interest. 

For those of you that don't know what a tobacco stick is. It is actual sticks that are sharpened to a point on each end. 
They were used when growing fields of tobacco. 
And after the cutting of the tobacco in the fields, the sticks (along with spears on the ends) would be shoved through the stalks of the tobacco, one by one, until the sticks were full of tobacco, and then that is how the tobacco was hung in the barns to cure.
Anyways, I cut the ends of each stick (because they are pretty long) and shortened them to make a small enough star for my door. 


  1. Grew up on a tobacco farm.
    Tobacco leaves taken from bottom to top(usually a week before the next level of leaves are taken).

    Carried on trailers to the barn where the loopers used twine to tie the tobacco leaves on the sticks and then into barn for curing.

    1. Those tobacco days were hard hot work wasnt it? I was too young to help but I would sit n play in the dirt while watching my family.
      Tobacco farms is all my Moms family had growing up as their lively hood.

      When I was in the 7th grade I remember separating leaf grades to press and an older man asking me what grade I was doing and I said 7th grade. I remember them laughing forever lol

    2. Oh we left the tobacco on sticks and hung them up on the rails to cure.

    this is how they put the stalks onto the sticks I use now for crafts

  3. do you have any plans for your stars or do you have a door star for sale.
    Jim in SC

    1. Hi Jim!
      I sold all of these shown at my craft booth at the Peddlers Mall.
      I just laid them all out, until a shape formed, and went from there. Sometimes you have to cut an end off to make the shape for the smaller door ones. The larger ones usually fall into place.


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