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Jul 10, 2012


 Distressed Primitive Star with Crackle Finish

 I love the look of a crackle finish but I don't love paying the price for that crackle paint.
So I figured out how to kinda brush the same look on, but instead of the high pricey crackle stuff, I use an off brand of Elmers glue.

Here's the before pic of an ordinary metal star:

All you need to do is to cover one point of a star at a time with the glue. A not so thin coat, but not too thick either.
Then with one paint stroke, take your paint brush and choice of finish craft paint, and brush it down the point.  Try to do the most covering with one stroke. This is important because you do not want to be brushing off or mixing the paint into the elmers glue.
You kinda want the paint to be sitting on top of the glue so that when the glue starts to dry, it pulls and cracks the one top coat of wet paint you just put on.

Another thing to remember is what color the star is to start with. Mind you, if I had a white star before I wanted to paint an off white, the crackle won't show so much.  So try to start with a darker type star in the beginning.  Because that is the color that is going to "POP" up through your top coat and show the crackle marks.
Here is another star in colonial green. You can see over to the far left where I used my brush too many times and took too much of the elmers glue off when applying the green. It didn't have enough glue underneath to really crackle.  But it still turned out fine enough for my needs.

I priced these large stars at: $10.99 after the makeover 
if you prefer the "before" look, they are only $9.99

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