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Oct 4, 2012


These are great for the small primitive trees. And you can make these super fast with very little material. Always a plus!

I got the idea for these from the blog eyeballs by day, crafts by night. And immediately bookmarked it because I knew it was a cute Christmasy craft to do. And best of all, they will even look cute on your little prim trees all year, if you wish.

Here's how I made them:

I started with the tiny little wire ones, that had some type of bakers' twine wrapped around them on Etsy. I couldn't find the more plastic common ones this time of year. But you can bet that at the after Christmas sales, this year, I will hoard them all. lol.

See how small they are compared to a normal sized pen. Super cute!

All I did was put some hot glue at the small curved end, and began wrapping a strip of cute fabric around in a circle. About mid way down the side, I put another dab of hot glue to make sure the fabric held tight.
Then I just finished wrapping and added some hot glue at the end, cut it, and pinched the ends together to kinda seal it. Notice I left the little strings of fabric sticking out. I like that look for the old country themed trees.

Here's another pic to show the size.

These have already been a hit last week in my booth, and I'm gonna try to make some more over the weekend.

TIP: If you don't have these little candy canes, you could always just use some of those rolls of wire either from a craft or hardware store.

Just bend them in the shape, snap with wire cutters and cover! I did this when I ran out and it's gonna be a way cheaper process!

I might get enough of these made to throw a few in my Etsy shop.
Not sure yet because my local craft booth is running low.

Happy Crafting until next time ya'll,


  1. Always nice to see another Eyeball's fan! I made some of these last Christmas.

    I even made some with real candy canes and wrapping paper to use as package decorations! They also looked great on my Gingerbread Tree.

    And I even made some tiny styrofoam canes into lapel pins!


    1. Yes, the eyeballs by day, crafts by night blog is wonderful! I have soo many pages bookmarked there to try, but not enough time. lol. I found yours on your blog, AWESMOE, but couldn't find a follow button for you?

  2. They turned out so cute!!! Are you selling them individually or in small bunches? If you don't mind me asking, what do you have them priced at? I'm always wondering how other people price some of these projects. I admit I haven't done many of the small ones - mostly just the regular sized ones. Maybe I'll whip up a few before my show in a few weeks, I forgot how cute they were!

    Thank you ladies for your sweet comments, I am fans of both of your blogs as well! We all share the same crafting addiction!!! :)

    1. Oh Hey! Glad u got to stop in and see how these turned out. Oh I dont mind at all. Since these were so small, I only priced them at .49cents each. Thats super low, but they are really small so I didn't want to put a dollar on them cause that's what I put on the larger, normal sized ones. I havent priced any in bundles yet, but this weekend on my next ones, I'm definitely gonna fix a bunch, maybe 5or6 for $2.50? not sure yet. I was kinda testing the waters in the booth with these and they went fast. All are now gone.

      Goodluck with your show in a few weeks!

  3. I think we are on the same wavelength as far as pricing. I price my regular sized ones at $1 and these small ones will probably also be $.50, like yours. It's low, but it's still a good profit for us and a super deal for the customer - which is why the fly off the shelves! Another quick question for you - what do you price your snowman clothespin magnets at? I was thinking of $1.25 each. I feel like $1 is not quite enough since they took me all freakin!

  4. Yes, it's definitely a hard thing to price because we have no references really. Well, I didn't think about adding the extra quarter, but I prolly shoulda too on the clothespin magnets. my arm was acheing after doing 50 straight, by hand, same as u. But here's a thing I learned a few years ago. I mark most of all of them at a certain price, for example on these, 99cents, and then about every ten or so, I price one for 50cents. When they are all in a bowl or displayed on a magnetic pan, when someone picks them up and sees the one for half, they usually grab a few more than they woulda before. I'm not sure why, I guess cause of the deal. But I do that with alot of the things I have a ginormous amount of. lol.
    Hope that helps. I was looking hard at ur pics one day, trying to make out some of the prices as well. I'm usually stumped there and scared of overpricing and having them sit. It's so sad when no one buys the handmade/painted things. lol.


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