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Mar 1, 2013

Vintange Styled Rolling Pins

Of course these aren't genuine vintage rolling pins. I know they don't even look close, but they were my shot at adding a little character to the brand new ones. I love rolling pins. I have them stashed here and there all over my house. But I don't care for them much, when they are brand new and plain. Now the older ones, I'll never touch with a paint brush. lol. Just the new ones.  I got mine at the local Dollar Mart for only $1.39 each. Awesome! Here's one in the brand new form:

First I painted each handles a kitcheny color. I went with regular red, blue and colonial green.

Then I took a lead pencil and drew on a few sayings. The "Dairy" idea stemmed from a photo of a board I saw over at a blog called  MissMustardSeed, where my total inspiration for this post came from, actually!Her blog is awesome, btw, and you definitely should check it out!

Then I painted in the letters with an off white, let it dry, then lined each outline in the matching color. I skipped finishing the blue handled one for now because I have other plans for it soon! :-)

Next, after all dried, I took some light grained sand paper and roughed them up a bit. Then I stirred up a mixture of approximately 95% all purpose sealer and 5% acrylic brown paint. This is what I use instead of the gel stain that is on the market. It probably doesn't work as great, but it fits my needs.

Then I brushed it on in light, even strokes. Just one coat done it for me on each. See the next pic of the difference of one with and one without.

You can always mix the homemade gel stain a little darker or lighter as needed. Just increase the amount of paint you add to the sealer.

I let them dry, then hang them up on my hand made rolling pin holder. (CLICK HERE to view the post where I made rolling pin holder.) And wa~la. Here they are.

What do you think? Do you like the plain ones or the painted ones best?


  1. Hi Lisa! Oh I'd love a rolling pin collection! The rack for them is great too!
    I love the painted ones - great job!
    Can't wait to see the blue!

    1. Hi Christine! Thanks so much! It's a great, "cheap" item to start a collection with. And they are everywhere for sale. lol.

      Thanks again. And it wont be long till I post the blue one, It's still on my "working in progress" table :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Lisa, My hubby and I have been making rolling pin combo racks for years and have our designs copyright protected. Yours is cute! I'm curious what magazine you found this design in.


    1. Hi! And thanks! That's a great idea of things ya'll make cause I always have people asking me where they can buy rolling pin holders. I started to sell this one in my craft booth, but loved it so much I couldnt. lol. They are hard to come by.

      I saw this design in a wholesale orders magazine, i think it was called Ohio Wholesales Inc. I have the pic torn out somewhere. I tried to make it as close as possible by just looking at the photo. But I think the original one had hooks at the bottom for possible pot holders maybe.

      Do you make any animal themed ones, they would be cool. Like with a rooster cut out of wood at the top. Roosters and chickens are great kitchen themes around here.

    2. heres the first post of where i made this:


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