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Apr 6, 2015


NOTE: I also tied homespun to these before packaging them up!

I recently made these cute little crackle paint
Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Flour and Egg Spoon Magnets.

They were very simple, here's how to do it and what you need:
  • Elmers Glue
  • Small wood spoons (the size that comes with icecream)
  • craft paint in off white
  • craft paint in burgundy (for wording)
  • small round magnets (found at Walmart or Dollar Mart)
  • 2 paintbrushes

I started with these plain, wooden craft spoons that I found on eBay:

I wanted to give the base a crackle type finish so I started with doing that.

It's easy without buying crackle paint, just get you a bottle of Elmers glue or something similar.

Lay out all the spoons to be painted on some wax paper if you like. 
This helps keep the counters clean and makes for an easy cleanup too.

  • Okay, here is the first thing you need to do.
Brush on a good amount of plain Elmers type glue onto a few of your wood spoons.
Give them about a minute to set. Not long enough to dry, just to begin to set. But still wet.

  • Next, with one motion, (larger brush) take some of your off white craft paint, with one stroke if possible, and cover the entire spoon.  If you can do it with one motion it will make for the best crackle setting.  If not, don't worry, just go back with a light stroke and cover the rest with the off white.

  • For me it seems that the less paint strokes of the off white, onto the elmers glue, is the best for the finished crackle.  It doesn't let the paint and the elmers glue mix so much and distort the finish.
As the paint and elmers glue starts to dry, the glue pulls the paint and you will start to see the really cool crackle effect.  I get the same result as with the expensive crackle paint, so I just keep using the cheaper Elmers glue.

 Isn't that cool?

Just think of all the possibilities of colors you could combine like this with a base coat shinning through.

And then I just had to go in and free hand on come kitchen themed words:

And then just let that all dry.

Okay, now on to the last step.  Attaching the little round magnets to the back.
I found this 20 piece button magnets at the Dollar Mart for only $1.00!
Now usually, I will only use the silver tube of E-6000 when applying magnets, but I was out.  So I went ahead and applied these with the elmers glue.  Since these spoons are so lightweight, it is holding good.

Here they are all finished:

I also tied some strips of homespun to these before packaging them up in celo wrappers.
They just made them so much cuter!

These are for sell by the set of 5 in my 
for $4.95
I will try to find time to add some to my Etsy shop soon!
But oddly, it never gets much traffic for some reason.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that ya'll give this cute craft a try!

I bet this type of finish would look cute on the small snowman spoons also!
Snowman Spoon Magnets
These are for sell in my Booth#555 for .99cents each


  1. Those are simply adorable! It makes me want to try some. I've done the elmers glue crackle before on some wooden frame. Funny how it does work just as well as the crackle paints.

    1. Hi Nona!
      Thank you! I bet your wooden frame turned out awesome!
      Yes it is odd how well it works just like the crackle paints. Maybe crackle paints has elmers glue in the mix? lol
      Thanks for stopping by!


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