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Apr 10, 2015

DIY Primitive Canister Lids

Here are some primitive canister lids that I recently remade.
Sorry that I didnt snap a before photo of the lids, but they were the basic light brown wood.  ( Seems I get in such a hurry to paint them, I forget.... a lot.)
I think this set of glass canisters came from the Family Dollar store.

  • I first gave the wooden lids a light sanding with medium grit paper. Just to rough them up enough to absorb paint.
  •  Then I painted on a light coat of flat black. (I choose the outdoor kind so that after lots of uses it wouldn't come off as easy as craft paint.)
  • Then I roughed them back up with sandpaper again and took quite a bit of the paint off on purpose to give them a warn look.

  • Then I wanted to add a few stars on the lids to make them a bit more prim. I used a small stencil I found on eBay along with some Delta Stencil paint.  The Delta stencil paint is oil based, takes 24 hours to dry, and will last a long, long time.

  • And I stenciled the little stars on using a makeup sponge. The best thing I've found over any stencil brush and you can throw it away without having to try and clean an oil base paint out.

And here's another shot of the lid.  Look close, I took some of the stencil paint in off white to rub on the edges to give it a more aged look. Just after it's dry, remember to give the edges another slight sanding:

And that was all to it. Just remember to let the Delta stencil paint dry for 24 hours for best results.

Thanks for stopping in ya'll!
This set of 4 glass canisters are for sale in my
Thank You!


  1. Good Morning, neat idea, they look great! Happy Friday!

  2. Hi eileeninmd,
    Good afternoon! I'm a bit behind now. lol. Thank you, it was a simple process but made them look much better.
    Happy Friday to you as well!


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