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Apr 20, 2015

DIY Primitive Sidechair

Do you have an odd chair sitting around?
Need to fix up an entry spot?
This will do, and it's easy to!

A Simple DIY Primitive Sidechair

Here is a single, scuffed up $2.00 chair that I won at the local auction house:
I liked how it already had the popular black and wood colors. A must with primitive decorating.

And I thought I could do just a little bit to it to make it a wantable chair.

So I got out my stencils and paint.  
I used oil based stencil paint, btw. After it dries it is very durable.

But those stars above weren't large enough so I had to find another.

I use these a lot!

After I stenciled this "OLDE CROW PRIMTIVES" and Star on, I let it sit and cure (dry) for 24 hours.

Then I applied an all purpose paint sealer, found in the craft section at Walmart.

It will help seal it all in a bit.

 I also took some medium grade sandpaper and scuffed up the legs a bit more.

And that was all to it.
Nothing special, but it is a little bit better than just one plain odd chair.

This primitive side chair is for sell in my Peddlers Mall 
Thank you

Apr 10, 2015

DIY Primitive Canister Lids

Here are some primitive canister lids that I recently remade.
Sorry that I didnt snap a before photo of the lids, but they were the basic light brown wood.  ( Seems I get in such a hurry to paint them, I forget.... a lot.)
I think this set of glass canisters came from the Family Dollar store.

  • I first gave the wooden lids a light sanding with medium grit paper. Just to rough them up enough to absorb paint.
  •  Then I painted on a light coat of flat black. (I choose the outdoor kind so that after lots of uses it wouldn't come off as easy as craft paint.)
  • Then I roughed them back up with sandpaper again and took quite a bit of the paint off on purpose to give them a warn look.

  • Then I wanted to add a few stars on the lids to make them a bit more prim. I used a small stencil I found on eBay along with some Delta Stencil paint.  The Delta stencil paint is oil based, takes 24 hours to dry, and will last a long, long time.

  • And I stenciled the little stars on using a makeup sponge. The best thing I've found over any stencil brush and you can throw it away without having to try and clean an oil base paint out.

And here's another shot of the lid.  Look close, I took some of the stencil paint in off white to rub on the edges to give it a more aged look. Just after it's dry, remember to give the edges another slight sanding:

And that was all to it. Just remember to let the Delta stencil paint dry for 24 hours for best results.

Thanks for stopping in ya'll!
This set of 4 glass canisters are for sale in my
Thank You!

Apr 5, 2015

Primitive Old Wood SIMPLIFY BOX

As a quick share for today, I'm gonna show you some pics of an old wooden box.

When I got it, it was all plain and dirty and with years of leaves and crud inside.
It didn't matter to me though, I knew I could do something with it.
I took a water hose to it at first with a good scrubbing consisting of about 4 brillo pads.

And then after it all dried good, I got out my stencils.
Looking for a big one, I choose the one as you see saying, "Simplify."
And the large star.
I get all of my stencils off from eBay by just searching for "primitive stencils."

Anyways, after using some Delta stencil paint, (also found on eBay,)

I let it dry for about 24 hours.  
If you've ever worked with the Delta stencil paints before, you know this is a must because they take a long time to dry because it is oil based.  But the good thing is that they cover great and last long.

After that I just took some craft sealer, found in the craft paint section

 and put on a coating of that in matte.
In this pic below you can still see it a bit wet looking before it had dried completely:
But don't worry, it dries completely clear:
And here it is all finished and ready to sell:

It is for sell in my craft Booth#555

Oct 4, 2012

PRIMITIVE Peg Board with Stars

  This cute peg board with railroad nails is done in flat black and Eggnog Yellow Stars.

Here's a cute board I'm making to use as a wall hanger. I'm gonna call it a peg board, for lack of a better term. It wont actually have pegs, but old, rough, flat nails in the middle of the stars to use as hangers. It'd be cute in a hallway with cute ornies on it.

Okay, so here's the plain, pine board I started with below. I bought it at Lowe's in about a 6' piece.

Then I painted the first one a first coat of burgundy in the Folk Art brand paint. I used a "rag method," which is so much easier and faster for base coats. The second one I used flat black. Just take an old cloth and rub it in the wood. This works great for me, on the plain pine wood because it soaks up the first coat so fast. And with the rag, it really helps get the pain on thick.

Then I let the burgundy dry and added a top coat of flat black Folk Art paint. 
(the second one, I just did one coat of flat black though)

Then I used a star stencil and some Delta stencil paint (pic below of type I use) 

and stenciled on the cute primitive stars. This is where I will place my old nails. Right in the middle of the stars to make hangers.

And then I gave a fast, edging sand job to all the sides and a light sand to the front. Just to age it's look a bit. I like to sand just hard enough that it allows a bit of the burgundy to show. It looks great with the flat black. Great primitive colors if you ask me together.

Oh, i added two saw tooth hangers on the back, one at each end. Two because I want it strong, as I'll be hanging stuff on it in my booth until it sales.

Here is the one finished I did in flat black and Eggnog Yellow Stars:

Sold this in my Peddlers Mall Booth
$9.99 Thank you!

I also have smaller ones in my ebay shop from time to time.

Happy Crafting ya'll,

Nov 21, 2011



This is a solid oak cabinet door that I made into a checkerboard with a saw tooth hanger on the back. 

I painted it in a flat Black and used Delta Stencil paints for the checkerboard.

I chose the Heritage color themes of the ones they sell. And the yellow color is called EGGNOG YELLOW. 
 I use a makeup sponge to stencil with all of these paints. I don't like the stencil brushes and such.

They just look so prim.

 O' how I love these two colors together. They are my absolute favorite. And that's why I do so many items in these colors. I also like red and black for the old time feel as well.

After stenciling on the checkerboard that I bought from ebay, I used a makeup sponge and touched up the edges of the board also. Just to give it a more worn look.

Price: $9.99 SOLD in my Peddlers Mall Booth.
Thank You.

For other things smaller, I can offer them to you online in my ebay shop here.

Happy Crafting ya'll,


Here's another cute checkerboard wall hanging picture I made.
(Here's the last one I made, if you missed it in black and yellow. )

It started out as a beachy scene picture I won from an auction for $1.00. (Sorry, I started painting too fast and didn't remember a before pic...) And since it is like a canvas print, I was able to just paint right over it with craft paint.

It did take two good base coats to get it covered.

I just Delta Stencil paint for the checkerboard.

But the stencil  I bought from eBay.
The color I used for the checker blocks is called BARN RED:
Sometimes when I run out of it, I will fall back to the Paprika color.

Here's a close up of how the Barn Red checker blocks came out:
The Delta stencil paint takes a while to dry because it is oil based.

The rest of the supplies was basic craft paint from Walmart for the base coat, makeup sponges (instead of brush to stencil with,) and the brush to paint the base color with.

And the color for the base, if I forgot to mention it, was Territorial Beige.

And here is the checkerboard again, all finished up.

I think it turned out pretty neat looking. And it adds a punch of color to the wall.

Price: 9.99 SOLD in my Peddlers Mall Booth.
Thank You.
Happy Crafting ya'll,