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Apr 16, 2015

Red Handled Rolling Pins & Momma Groundhog

The pin on the left is from the Dollar Mart for $1.00. The pin on the right is a flea market find for $3.00 that was previously yellow handled. I painted both. The older one looks more glossy because of the previous coat it had.
 Today I'll share a super easy craft that really makes a difference.
 All it takes is 3 basic things:

A plain $1.00 wooden rolling pin from the Dollar Mart:
$1.00 at the Dollar Mart
 Some Barn Red glossy paint that I found at Big Lots.
Paint was $2.00 at Big Lots
 And a paintbrush.

Super easy as you see. Just paint on the red, glossy handles and let it dry.
I forgot to mention sandpaper above.
Ater this photo, when it all dried, I did go back with a little strip of medium sandpaper and rough up the handles a bit to give it a more worn look. 
And that was it!

What a difference a little red paint can make on a dollar rolling pin!
 I am a big collector of rolling pins. Mainly plain ones and red ones. It's hard not to keep all of these!

I price these Red Handled Rolling Pins in my
Booth#555 for $3.99

Oh, and before I go, I thought I'd share a few more pics from my yard.
Since my photo of my Momma Groundhog got a few comments in my Friday Five Random Things,
I thought I'd share a few more of her today.

Here, Momma Groundhog was posing for the camera.

And here she is on the far right, sitting with three little ones.
Yes, there's 3. Look close, the difficult one turned its head just as I snapped this. Kids!
 And then here she is taking it easy away from her kids.
I'm guessing this is Momma's relaxation time while the kids were sleeping or off playing.
 And up close a bit. She loves this spot. And seems to have no worries.

We can't bushhog or weed eat behind the trellis because that is where one of her little dens is they all come out of all the time.


  1. Oh love red handled rolling pins! Reminds me of my moms though she has worn off most of the red paint on the handles!
    Cute pic of momma groundhog taking a break!

    1. Red is my all time favorite for sure! I love finding those kind that barely have red still showing, like your moms! I have a few of those.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Neat idea for the rolling pin! I love the shots of the groundhog, it must love that bench.. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks eileeninmd,
      Yes, i think sometimes it just stops in to smell the flowers around there lol. Have a great day too!

  3. I like the red on the pins, have only seen green handles. The groundhogs are awfully cute. So funny how she lays on your bench.

    1. Hi!
      My aunt collects those green handled ones. We have all kinds of colors around at the flea markets. Even have an originally colored pink handled one. I don't really like it though, but it's odd.

  4. Those rolling pins look great. Love that larger, heavier one. And, that is one big groundhog! lol

    1. Thanks Michelle.
      Yes, the older heavier one is my favorite also.
      And I'm not sure what the groundhog is eating, but it is getting huge. lol. I wish I had a photo of it before it had the little ones!

  5. The red-handled rolling pins do bring back memories. And I just love the groundhogs!

  6. Cool idea.
    I actually have a red handled rolling pin, but one side of the red has come off so just the rod there. I just keep on using it anyway.

    1. Hi Marsha.
      If you have an original red handled one, i definitely wouldn't' paint it. I love'em! Even the all chippy ones with barely red on it. lol.
      If i could find more red, original ones, I wouldn't paint them so much, lol

  7. Wow, great post. I love those rolling pins. Another easy project with awesome results that won't break the bank. Thanks for sharing! :) ~maggie


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