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Oct 4, 2015


Gingerbread Spoon!

I had about 20 dozen or so of these cute little gingerbread men made of resin, that I won at a wholesale auction.
They had flat backs like so:
I was selling these cute little gingerbread men in my eBay shop, until I started finding ways to use them myself.

Here is some items I have recently made with them. Remember all the Snowmen themed, wooden spoons I have been making in the past? And the primitive, kitchen themed spoons? Well, there are now Gingerbread men spoons!

Since my little gingerbread men already have flat backs, all I really had to do was use some
E-6000 glue and stick them on. Super easy!

Here are a few more items I spruced up with the little cute, gingerbread men.

Here is the before pic of these stars, after I finished them in a crackle paint finish:

 Distressed Primitive Star with Crackle Finish

And most of the others were just a basic paint color.
I attached some cute homespun fabric to them, that I simply tied in a bow, with some E-6000 glue.
 And then just adorned the bow ends with the cute little gingerbread men!

The star to the left, I was practicing with some shadowing in paint colors. Not so sure I liked that!
 I'm still thinking up all kinds of ways to use them for the holidays. Really, the uses seem endless to me!
Hope you liked these ideas for little gingerbread men and see ya'll next time,


  1. I love those stars. They are quite popular in my area.

  2. They are really cute little gingerbread men, I love what you have done with them particularly the spoons.

  3. Very innovative and great ideas to use the little gingerbread men and the stars would be great decorative items.


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