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Dec 7, 2017


Shotgun Shell Christmas Tree Ornaments

I was in the mood for some different ornaments this year, so I thought I'd make my own.

 I'd been saving our spent shell casings for a lil bit of time now and I had these on hand.

Here's what you'll need:
-Some spent shell casings:
 12 gauge, 410, about anything this type will work fine. 
-Hot glue gun
-Ornament Hooks

Super simple.  All you need to do is give the ornament hooks a quick twist at the bottom.  This way more of them will adhere to the hot glue for a better hold.

Then just dab you in some hot glue, inside the casing, towards the tip, insert hook and let cool.

That's it!

And now I have a cool, different theme for our tree this year.
It's awesome because we have a lot of hunters in our family.

I am going to top off the tree with some type of unique topper as soon as I think of one.

But for now, here's the tree all decked out in 
Shotgun Shell Ornaments.

I already have some shotgun shell light strands made too.

Using the same method, I just inserted the side of the light, not touching the bulb, into the hot glue, inside the empty casing. Let dry and that was that!
They are very easy to do on those battery operated light strands you find everywhere this time of year.

Happy Crafting ya'll,
See ya next time,

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