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Oct 8, 2015


Signs, signs and more signs!

That's all I have really been doing these last few days.
Cute, primitive, kitchen themed signs really sell fast and so I have to keep them in stock.
And best of all the wording is made from the $1.00 foam stamps from the Dollar Mart.

The foam letters look like this:
And come in a large pack both upper and lower case

And here's a close up from the side to see the foam and what you put the paint on:
I use craft paint called Apple Barrell or Folk Art found at Walmart.
I put the paint on the sponge letter with a makeup sponge. It's just easier like that. 
And it lets you control the amount of paint you need. Which is very, very little! If you over do it, your letters will be very bubbly looking. 

Here are a few signs that I have finished below. 

They all started out as plain pine or spruce leftover pieces from a remodel job here.
But if you don't have any pieces of leftover wood, you can purchase the plain pieces in a variety of sizes at Lowes.  And just play around with wordings that will fit on them.

I went back and added & Jugs and the date I got married to personalize this one!

 In the last step, I always tend to dry brush on some streaks. Just to give it a little extra.

Spoons sign since I collect tons of wooden spoons

Easy, four step process to a spoon sign.

Old rough PANTRY sign in black to match my old cast iron stove
 Very simple.

Buttery yellow sign made from a leftover 3inch piece of leftover trim

And I almost forgot to mention how I hang these up.
A pack of 6 cost $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. They are called Saw tooth hangers.


Hope ya'l liked these Primitive Kitchen Themed Signs made from using Dollar Mart Stamps!    See ya'll next time,Lisa