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Jan 19, 2019



I've seen the adorable photos in a jar posts on Pinterest and I just had to give it a try.
The only thing different I did was make it into a cute keychain.

I know it's glass and all, but these jars are pretty thick and could take a bit of handling in my opinion.

Another alternative would be to make it hang from a necklace. 
But for the person, my Aunt, I have in mind for this gift, she doesn't wear necklaces but does carry her door keys with her when she leaves.  
And the photo in the jar is of her late son lost tragically in a car accident. 
So I am pretty sure she will enjoy it whether she wants to use it or put it up as a memento.

This would also make a great, one of a kind Valentines Day gift!

Here's what you will need:

Well this, plus the Keychain key ring that I left out of photo.

-Glass jar with cork top 
(found at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby)

-Yard or String of some sort
(I use twine)

-1 Eyescrew

-A safety pin 
(for pushing out the hole in the cork)

-E6000 glue
(for dabbing the twine at tip of eyescrew so it dont unravel

-Printout of a tiny photo
(must be small enough to fit down inside the jar you choose)

Okay, so very easy craft here that has a great meaning.
First off, I took off the cork and inserted the safety pen through it carefully.
It slides in pretty easy but then you just have to woller (move) it back and forth to make the
hole bigger.

Then it was time to use the safety pin to push the twine through.
It was easy as soon as I realized I needed to make a knot in the twine for something to push!

Then hold onto the bottom of twine and pull the safety pin back out.
Bam! There's your string in cork, ready to go!

Just tie a knot in the top, outter side so it don't slip through.
I also put a dab of E6000 glue on both sides by the hole and twine.
Just to reinforce it.  E6000 is strong, I love it. It's found at Walmart, btw.

Next, trim up your string to size needed to hang about halfway down in your jar.
The bottom will be covered at the bottom by the photo later.

And now time to cut your tiny photo.
I cut it to look like a vintage Polaroid picture.
You will also need a second piece of plain paper that will act as the back of the photo, the
same size.

I stuck them together, with a tiny piece of packaging tape INSIDE both photos and a tiny 
dab of E6000 glue in the twine.  You can't see it in the pic, I am talking about inside the two pieces of paper. The front and back. This is how it sticks to the hanging twine.

Then I took some clear packaging tape, stuck it to the top and folded it around to the back.
Covering both the front and back with one piece. 
Made the tape touch at all edges and then just cut around the photo, leaving a bit of tape to hold all intact. 
It makes for a glossy photo finish kinda like the old Polaroid photos were back in the day.

Screw in your eye screw while the glue it wet, so it will get a strong hold.
Back of photo with tape trimmed.

Then just bend your Polaroid looking photo slightly enough to slide it down in the jar.
And stick back in your cork.

Next just slide on your key ring and you are finished!

And that's it.
Seems way more complicated than it really is.
Just gather all the stuff you need to begin and it goes pretty fast.
Don't forget to print your photo very tiny!

 Happy Crafting, see ya'll next time, ~Lisa