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Jan 19, 2019



I've seen the adorable photos in a jar posts on Pinterest and I just had to give it a try.
The only thing different I did was make it into a cute keychain.

I know it's glass and all, but these jars are pretty thick and could take a bit of handling in my opinion.

Another alternative would be to make it hang from a necklace. 
But for the person, my Aunt, I have in mind for this gift, she doesn't wear necklaces but does carry her door keys with her when she leaves.  
And the photo in the jar is of her late son lost tragically in a car accident. 
So I am pretty sure she will enjoy it whether she wants to use it or put it up as a memento.

This would also make a great, one of a kind Valentines Day gift!

Here's what you will need:

Well this, plus the Keychain key ring that I left out of photo.

-Glass jar with cork top 
(found at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby)

-Yard or String of some sort
(I use twine)

-1 Eyescrew

-A safety pin 
(for pushing out the hole in the cork)

-E6000 glue
(for dabbing the twine at tip of eyescrew so it dont unravel

-Printout of a tiny photo
(must be small enough to fit down inside the jar you choose)

Okay, so very easy craft here that has a great meaning.
First off, I took off the cork and inserted the safety pen through it carefully.
It slides in pretty easy but then you just have to woller (move) it back and forth to make the
hole bigger.

Then it was time to use the safety pin to push the twine through.
It was easy as soon as I realized I needed to make a knot in the twine for something to push!

Then hold onto the bottom of twine and pull the safety pin back out.
Bam! There's your string in cork, ready to go!

Just tie a knot in the top, outter side so it don't slip through.
I also put a dab of E6000 glue on both sides by the hole and twine.
Just to reinforce it.  E6000 is strong, I love it. It's found at Walmart, btw.

Next, trim up your string to size needed to hang about halfway down in your jar.
The bottom will be covered at the bottom by the photo later.

And now time to cut your tiny photo.
I cut it to look like a vintage Polaroid picture.
You will also need a second piece of plain paper that will act as the back of the photo, the
same size.

I stuck them together, with a tiny piece of packaging tape INSIDE both photos and a tiny 
dab of E6000 glue in the twine.  You can't see it in the pic, I am talking about inside the two pieces of paper. The front and back. This is how it sticks to the hanging twine.

Then I took some clear packaging tape, stuck it to the top and folded it around to the back.
Covering both the front and back with one piece. 
Made the tape touch at all edges and then just cut around the photo, leaving a bit of tape to hold all intact. 
It makes for a glossy photo finish kinda like the old Polaroid photos were back in the day.

Screw in your eye screw while the glue it wet, so it will get a strong hold.
Back of photo with tape trimmed.

Then just bend your Polaroid looking photo slightly enough to slide it down in the jar.
And stick back in your cork.

Next just slide on your key ring and you are finished!

And that's it.
Seems way more complicated than it really is.
Just gather all the stuff you need to begin and it goes pretty fast.
Don't forget to print your photo very tiny!

 Happy Crafting, see ya'll next time, ~Lisa

Jan 1, 2019

Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Here's a cute idea for a one of a kind kitchen gift.  
My cousin first asked me to make this for her and since then I've made a few more.  It's a very simple but really cute idea  and makes for a great, unique gift.

Simply print out the name you need on a Cricut if you have one, if not you can do a personalized order from eBay or Etsy.  Just make sure you tell them, or make it "mirrored" and the size board you need it for.  This will keep you from making the same mistake I did, lol.

And just simply apply underneath the glass, going in the correct direction.  I had to flip and flop the glass cutting board over so many times, you would not believe.  But once I realized, it was super easy.

Here it is all finished.

Hope ya'll like this. And if you look around in about any Home Goods store, in the kitchen area, you can find the clear glass cutting boards.


Aug 25, 2017

Primitive SNOWMAN Ornaments

Hey ya'll! 
Here's a post about how to turn just about any plain hanging ornaments into some cute, wintery, snowman ornaments.

I had ordered a ton of these wooden, hanging hearts at an after Valentine's Sale online. And I got them super cheap. I mean like under a dollar a dozen.  They were burgundy with various sayings and already had the wire hanger too! So I couldn't go wrong.

First off, I spray painted them a random color I had on hand.  It was a sage'ish green in the Rust-oleum brand in a satin finish.

  I so wish I had the Almond color on hand, but I didn't.  So I just went with it.

Next, after those drying, I took some cheap white and cheap black and did the speckle effect. 
Just barely hold down the spray button and let it fling out on them.

I had so many, I had to lay them all over the place to dry.

Finally after drying for a few hours, they were ready to begin painting!

Most of them I painted in the Snowman themes and wrote various sayings like "Frosty" and such on them.

And some said "Burr," 

"Winter Wishes," 

and "Best Flakes."

Then I decided to make a few Candy Cane ones.

And added some wording of "Home Sweet Home."

There's a ton of these not in the photos, but I finally got tired of the winter theme and started doing some primitive designs.

This one below I mixed it up and glued a bit of pinstripe fabric on it, and then glued a rusty star on the center. Then just worded on "Love."

The "Faith is Believing in God" is one of my favorite sayings.

Then I used a small checkerboard stencil and stenciled on a background for the one below.
And I put on the saying, "Old Crow Co."

Oh, and as you see, I went through my fabric stash and grabbed bits and pieces of various colors and tied them onto the wire hanger.

I made so many of these and I did save a box of them to do in a different base color. Almond I'm hoping soon!  But for now, I just used colors I had on hand so that I didn't have to put more money into making money.

I'm going to price these for $3.19 each and considering I paid just under a $1.00 / dozen (about 7 cents each,) that will be a good profit.

And these type of cheap, hand painted ornaments tend to fly off the display trees during Christmas time.  They are a great, unique gift that not everyone will have one of!

Hope this gave ya'll an idea to paint up some holiday hanging ornaments.You can do these on just about any flat, hanging ornaments you may have already or can find at the Dollar Marts.

See ya'll next time,

Jul 28, 2016

This blog may be Moooooving

I am having horrible trouble updating my payment info to renew my registration subscription to Google Apps for this blog,  which I currently own and purchased via Blogger.   
I am having horrible experiences trying to follow the help process in which you can now not use Google Wallet to pay for this as we use to. 

In case I don't figure it out, I am thinking of redirecting this blog to wordpress (if i can figure that out!) Or I may have to end up just having to type in:
to find new posts.

I am at my wits end when Wordpress tells me to map my DNS from Blogger to them with this:

because I can find nowhere at all on blogger to input these changes.

If you have also had any dealings with this, please let me know how you did it.

So just giving a heads up in case my subscription ends and I have not figured out how to simply update a "RENEW A SUBSCRIPTION" with Blogger. I have however, found the Update your payment options and have done that. But an email from Blogger says I must checkmark the auto renew also, which is hidden somewhere to me, lol.

Thanks, Lisa

Apr 8, 2015


Hey ya'll!
Since Spring has sprung around here, it really has me in the flower posting mood.

So I'd like to share a post of a few makeshift planters I've done.

The first is a basic box that I made out of leftover pieces of barn lumber from my Barn Wood Shelves and Cabinets:
Just build a basic rectangle and leave the top open. I also left a little gap in the sides (see pic #3 below.)
My little doggie Princess helped me try it out:
She fit. She loves being outside digging in flower dirt and such.
 I left the sides open a little bit so that the water would drain out easy.
And I also dry brushed on some black paint to give it a more primitive look. Don't cover up the old wood, just kinda add some streaks to it.

Then our (neighbors) cat, "Big Kitty" tried out another one that I installed.
I attached metal flower hangers to the wall under the window and used them to sit the box on.

And I have to share one more pic before I go. 
This is a photo from last summer.  I had seen numerous posts flying around on Pinterest showing how to use old galvanized tubs as planters. So I tried it in a few.

This one was one of my favorites.
I used a photo editor to get the framed "aged" affect.
Just take any size metal tub you may have and hang it from a regular Shepards hook.
Fill the bottom with soil and add your flowers.

One thing that I need to mention is that since the metal tub draws lots of heat, the flowers tend to need a lot of watering.

I went ahead and put in one of those glass, self watering things they've came out with that is shaped like a large ear dropper. I found it at the Dollar Mart for only $1.00. And it helped keep it moist a little bit between waterings.

 And I also had a few longer and wider tubs to try things in:
Old Tub was great as a Strawberry Planter!

This was the year before when I sewed a wildflower mix in the tub. They grew wonderfully and I got many cuttings for vases and jars out of it!