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Sep 20, 2012



Today, well and past few days, I've been cutting and making some simple wall signs to sale in my booth. They are a great seller.

Here's a few that I  did that say, "Simplify." 

First I painted a base coat of whatever color. I usually use a burnt umber, colonial green or nutmeg. Those are my favs! Then I stencil on the saying and or stars with an off white or antique white.

Then, here's where I call it my "secret effect." I take a rough grain sandpaper and sand over the entire board, wording, stars and all. 

It kinda roughs it up and makes it look older and worn. Just the way I like it. And I am also rough on all the edges.

And lastly, I use a stain that has a sealer in it.

I rub some on with an old rag, wait a minute and wipe it all off. And repeat if it doesn't look old and aged enough.
 Here are a bunch of different sayings that I made all from stencils that I bought off from eBay.

Then I finish it all up by adding a hanger on the back. I get those in packs at the Dollar Store for $1.50.

And that's that!
 On the one in the middle below, I was experimenting with using different colors. Not sure I like the blue so much. On the same one, also, I used the glue to make a crackly look, but the pic is not showing it so well.

My favorite of the ones below is the "Pumpkins" signs below.

Probably because it's right around the corner and I just decorated our home yesterday.
I'm so in the Halloween mood!

Here's how those came about.
Some of them I left plain and then stenciled on the PUMPKINS wording in cinnamon orange.
And to mix and match some others up, I first painted the board a cinnamon orange and then stenciled on the PUMPKINS wording in various off whites.

Let the paints dry and then come back with some rough grade sandpaper and scuff up all the edges a bit.
And then just finish up by adding a sawtooth hanger on the backs.
I find these at the Dollar General in the tools section for a dollar or so.

And here they are again:

 Happy Crafting Ya'll!
Until next time,

Nov 21, 2011


Here's a cute little doll bench I finished in the Primitive theme.

This is the after photo.  Sadly, again, I forgot to snap an easy before pic! UGH!

But when I got it, it was an ugly, muddy blue color. Try to think of those blues that were around a lot when ducks were the fashion for kitchens. Yea, well, uglier than that. It was a deeper, darker blue.

First thing I did was put on a coat of flat black.
Then I roughed up the edges with stencil paint to give it a more worn look to where kids may have touched it the most.

And to finish it up, I stenciled on a cute saying that says, "Primitives, Blessings from our Past.

Price: $14.99 SOLD in my Booth#555.
Thank You!

Nov 17, 2011


Sadly, I only have my "after" photo to share.
I won this cute little child sized desk at an auction for only $4.00!

I got in way to big of a hurry to paint it and totally forgot all about the "before" photo.
But let me tell you,  before, it was an ugly, dark reddish-brown color.

I painted it in a flat black and then took some sand paper and roughed up the edges.
I wanted to give it a worn look in the places that may have been touched a lot during the days.

and added a cute saying, "Primitives, Blessings from our past."

Price: $24.99 SOLD in my Booth#555.