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Jan 27, 2013

Old PIANO BENCH Repurposed

This is a photo of my finished piano bench. 

I'm still searching my camera for the before, which I do have somewhere in the 10 million

I basically took the old, dry looking, plain wood piano bench and started off with a good thick coat of black, outdoor paint. Brush on type, not spray paint.I wanted to give it a coating that will stand for some time. Even though it's an indoor item, I do that very often.

Then I waited an entire day for it to dry outside.

 Then I hunted through my stencil drawer to see what would look cute. 

I went with the theme of, "Old Crow Game Board Co." And threw in the miniature checkerboard.

Then I ruffed up the edges with sand paper on almost every edge. Then lastly, after all was dusted with a dry rag, to remove the sanding dust. I coated the entire top with a matte sealer.

I was happy to see this item fly from my Booth #555 within just a few days. 
Price was $24.99

It makes me super happy when someone buys my hand painted items that quick. Keeps me in the mood for painting more.

~Happy Crafting!

 another piano bench that I did in basically the exact same way with just a different look: 

Another Piano Bench Redo I did


  1. LOVE that bench! I need to do more projects like that. I hate painting but love the finished product! Hope you're keepin' warm down there in's a cool 11 degrees here in upstate NY! :)

    1. Thank you! I love painting, but it comes in spurts. mostly a summer thing for me with the furniture. As with ya'll, we've been in the freezing temps for our daily highs. Oddly today it's warmer but wont stay that way for long. Ya'll try to keep warm & happy crafting!


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