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Apr 3, 2015


I have been making these cute little fences out of tobacco sticks for a few years now.

I'm gonna show you the basics of how to put one together.

Here is one all plain, just the tobacco sticks:

Simple as it looks.
Just lay out some tobacco sticks, cut them in the lenghts you want and then nail them together.
I use a nail gun so that it goes by faster. And these tobacco sticks are a hard wood.

And then you just start to decorate them however you want.
Here are a few that I have recently made and sold in my 
Booth#555 at the Peddlers Mall.

 Look close, I used a Blue Willow tea cup as a birds nest and put a red speckled egg in it that I made here.

I wired it on with craft wire through the handle.

 As you see, I just lay them out and make a variety of types and sizes.
You really can't go wrong with this craft!

Here's a photo of a few of them in my 
Booth#555 at the Peddlers Mall.

These tobacco stick fences are $9.99 each in
my  Booth#555

Thanks to ya'll who've been buying them!!

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

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