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Sep 19, 2016


Here's a cute craft I like to make, a Tobacco Stick Tree.

I've made various styles through the years, 
Click to see the various styles of Tobacco Stick Trees I've made
(click here to see,) 
but I really like this one because I found a way to incorporate some cute chicken wire and stars.

I started out with some old tobacco sticks I have laying around. I keep them in a trash can, out of the weather so they won't rot.

Used a nail gun and secured the top three together.
And then formed the bottom shape by cutting some pieces of the tobacco sticks to fit a bottom.
Got the basic shape 
then I started to decorate it with some pieces of chicken wire .
I bought a roll of it at the store called Rural King. Southern States stores and Tractor Supply stores also has this type of wire. You don't need much.

Then I started to tie some strips of it to the inside with thin craft wire.
 Just keep tieing it in place until you get a good filling to the inside.  Then tie on some rusty craft stars if you have some.
I was going to add those orange, silicone dipped light strand that you see there, but I didn't think they looked right in the end. It looked better without lights.

And here it is all finished up.

What do you think? Cute enough to sit out on ya' porch for Fall decorating?
See ya'll next time,


Here's a pic of my all time favorite, full length tobacco stick tree I think I ever made.
Click to see this one and how to make it.

Apr 3, 2015


I have been making these cute little fences out of tobacco sticks for a few years now.

I'm gonna show you the basics of how to put one together.

Here is one all plain, just the tobacco sticks:

Simple as it looks.
Just lay out some tobacco sticks, cut them in the lenghts you want and then nail them together.
I use a nail gun so that it goes by faster. And these tobacco sticks are a hard wood.

And then you just start to decorate them however you want.
Here are a few that I have recently made and sold in my 
Booth#555 at the Peddlers Mall.

 Look close, I used a Blue Willow tea cup as a birds nest and put a red speckled egg in it that I made here.

I wired it on with craft wire through the handle.

 As you see, I just lay them out and make a variety of types and sizes.
You really can't go wrong with this craft!

Here's a photo of a few of them in my 
Booth#555 at the Peddlers Mall.

These tobacco stick fences are $9.99 each in
my  Booth#555

Thanks to ya'll who've been buying them!!

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

Apr 1, 2015


Here are the tobacco stick shudders up close.

Primitive Tobacco Stick Shudders

These are shudders that I made out of tobacco sticks.
Don't know what tobacco sticks are? Click here.

Since I have so many of them handy and they make for awesome primitive crafts, I've been trying to use them in all sorts of ways.

And these cute primitive shudders turned out pretty cute.
All you need to do is basically lay them out in a line, kinda find the straightest ones then cut to same size. It only takes about 5 wide.
Next, just take a piece of the cut off sections and lay them sideways on the front to kind of brace them all together. 
I had my husband take a nail gun and sink the nails way in so that they aren't seen much from the front.
On the back though, you will have to take wire cutters and cut off the rest of the nail that punctures through.
Attach a sawtooth hanger and that is it!

I went ahead though, and added some pieces of grapevine to the fronts.
It just makes it a bit more prim.

Then I painted up some stars to add a dash of color to them also.
I attached these to the fronts with craft wire.

I threaded it through the tiny gaps in between the tobacco sticks.

Here is another set that I did in a reddish color.

I tied on a bit of homespun fabric to these just to make them a bit different.

On another set that I forgot to mention. I ended up dry brushing on some black paint to the tobacco sticks.

It looked a lot cuter in person though.

Here they are up on the wall in my Booth:

Super easy and cute prim decorating props here!
 Hope ya'll liked them!

These are for sale in my Booth#555
$15.99 a set

Happy Crafting ya'll,

Nov 17, 2011


My First Tobacco Tree try
The top photo is my first try at a tobacco stick tree and the bottom photo is my second attempt.
My Skinny Tobacco Stick Tree
My Second attempt at making a tobacco tree.

Finding a use for old tobacco sticks is pretty challenging. Yet I love the look of them indoors.
They add a perfect country touch in a primitive style. And they are a great piece to add a stash of light to a dark corner. So I don't mind the challenge.

To make these the first time, (the top pic, wide style,) I drew out a sketch.  
A basic triangular shape with braces.
I tried to keep the 4 legs of the tobacco stick tree all original sizes and not to cut them.

And after about 20 minutes of sawing a bit in the garage and nail gun, this is my first attempt.

I grabbed a 15' piece of grapevine garland.  It looks like this.

And it's already got the twirly affect when you unwind it a bit.
 I just start to run it up and around the Tobacco stick tree like this.

And then continue until you get to the top.
 I am thinking about going back and adding a few more strings of the grapevine garland to fill it in more.

But, don't worry if you don't have any grapevine garland because it is also super cute with with homemade rag ropes , a bit of pip-berry garland and lights of the season.

And I also like them with a small strand of lights.

I call it my tobacco stick tree.

Since making this very first one, I've made many more with a few different options now. I prefer the skinnier ones that are wrapped in grapevine. To see them, click here.
My Skinny Tobacco Stick Tree
This is my second try at making a tobacco stick tree. I prefer it like this. The slim version.

I also figured out these make great uses in the garden also. Like this pic below where I have a cucumber plant underneath and allowing it to grow up a tobacco stick tree.

And anyways, 
I even made one of these tobacco stick trees to go over my tomato plant also.

That's a cute mini tobacco stick chair holding the flower pot of peppers beside it and here's a larger version I made also:

I made these to sell in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555, and have recently been making other items such as:

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