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Nov 28, 2014


Hey ya'll! Ready to make some cute, primitive Christmas candy canes like this?

Okay, first I started off with these hard, plastic candy canes.  I got them in packages at the Dollar Store last year in the after Christmas sales boxes.  I bought all they had and I think they may have been around a quarter per pack or so.

And here is how I went about making them into some cute, primitive themed candy canes.

All you need is some fabric, hot glue gun and some jingle bells.  The fabric I used started its' life as a bed skirt.  I got this at a store that sells JC Penny discontinued items and such, for only $2.00.  It was just right as it is a light red and cream pinstripe.
I then started to rip them into little strips. I like leaving the edges torn and raveled so that it looks more prim.  I left each one about 6 to 8 inches long or so.
So now, just take your glue gun and run a bead of glue at the very bottom. This is where you will start the fabric and make your way up.

And then just start to wrap it like this:
And you just keep wrapping and wrapping.  I add a bit of hot glue here and there along the way to make it stay secure.
And then I just continued on making more and more.

I thought I'd bunch them in groups of two and add a bit of homespun and a jingle bell this year.
So I tied them together with some of that jute twine that comes in big spools for like $2.00.

And then I started making a bunch more but I kind of mixed them all up in different ways.
Some of them ended up leaving as a single candy cane too.  I just wanted to keep things going differently so I didn't get too bored.  I usually will lose interest in making things that look the exact same after a few.  It's just my mind lol.

I decided to package them up into those clear treat bags from Walmart in the baking goods section for decorating.
I even added some little metal stars to a few.  Metal stars are cute on just about anything crafty lol.
I then tied these off at the top of the bag with another strip of the matching homespun fabric. And then I added a hanging gift tag.

I forgot to take a photo of them all tied up, I think, as I can't find them.  But you get the jist, I'm sure.
I priced these for $1.99 each for an easy grab and go purchase.

So here it is, the before and after of these little plastic candy canes.
to this:
and these:
I hope ya'll will give these a try and make some cuties.  These will be great tied onto those specially wrapped gifts or hanging onto a cute prim Christmas tree!

And while I was at it, I also went ahead and did the same process on those large, plastic candy canes people use for trimming their walkways. You know the super duper sized ones about 3 feet tall or so.
Here they are:


I priced these large ones for $4.99 each.

Happy Holidays! And see ya'll next time,

Dec 10, 2013

CANDY CANE WREATH with Instructions

Here's a cute candy cane wreath I made and the instructions are below.

I first saw this idea when my Aunt sent me a link on fb. Then I did a quick search and found it on Pinterest here. It looked super cute to be so simple that I just had to try it!

And here's how I did it.

First I headed down to the Dollar General Store to buy the candy canes, it takes 22. So I had to buy two boxes. And I needed something roundish to decorate the center and try to hide where they all come together. I didn't see anything I loved so I drove over to the Dollar Mart. And there I found the cute, clear and silver snowflake! It is simply PERFECT!

Then I got all my stuff together when I got home. 
You will need:
2.Hot glue gun and stick
3. Twenty two candy canes
4. A centerpiece (round is perfect)
5. Ribbon
6. And e6000 glue (optional)
7. White sparkly glitter (optional)

Okay so here we go. First, I laid all the candy canes out in sets of two, to form a circle,  like this:

And then just shove them together to form a "wreath" circle.

And next you simply just take some ribbon, I chose white, and tie them all together in sets of two, like so:

Simple so far, right!

Okay, next, after doing all 22 of these like that. I arranged them all into a circle again, and took my hot glue gun and glued them all together at the inside center circle. Each one to the next, to make a tight hold. 
I also did this to the top outer parts, where the canes form a heart shape. Just to make a stronger hold.

And then I got my plastic clear, sparkly snowflake and glued it directly onto the center of the candy canes with my E6000 glue, found in the craft section of stores. I'm sure you could probably just hot glue the star on, but I wanted to make sure it wouldn't fall of soon.

(this wasn't the pic I wanted to post, but I couldn't find the correct one where my canes were tied with ribbon! But this one will due.)

Now this e6000 glue takes a while to fully dry, but when it does, it has a strong hold!

Now you could finish up here, if you didn't want to take it a step farther like I did with the photo insert.

But since my Aunt had sent me a photo wanting this, and she recently had a son to pass away in a car accident. I thought I'd add a photo of him in the center for her. It'd be a great way for her to have his photo around during Christmas. And he use to always steal her candy canes off her Christmas tree too. So this is extra special for her.

I chose a photo from when he was younger and printed it off.
I then glued the edges of the photo to the inside of the clear snowflake, from the back side. 
I also smeared some extra glue around the edges on the inside and sprinkled all kinds of sparkly, white glitter in it.
I thought it was a good way to hide the edges of the cut photo, since the center of the snowflake was clear.

Also, this is where I found some little red pip berries in my craft box, and hot glued them to the white ribbon ties.
You could use jingle bells, little fake presents or bows. Just about anything to dress them up a bit.

And lastly, the final step was to simply add a piece of ribbon to the top, to be able to hang it by.
I just tied on a piece like below:

And that is all there was to it!
My Aunt loves it and it is a great way for her to keep her son's spirit around at Christmas.

Hope ya'll like it!
And by typing out these steps, it makes it seem way more complicated than it is.
Believe it, it's simply tieing two candy canes together, hot glueing them and assembling it all.
Very Easy!

If you do give this a try, I'd love for you to send me a link or photo of it!

I gave this one to my aunt but I'm making more that's on the way to my Craft Booth #555 and Etsy where they can be purchased as a great, unique gift!

See ya'll next time,

Sep 18, 2012


Grungy, grubby Primitive Candy Canes that smell like cinnamon!
I am sooo into the Christmas mood this week! I've been doing jingle bells and snowmen and now these homespun & cinnamon wax dipped candy canes. I kinda just figured I'd try something different with these skinny little homespun canes I made earlier.

I had the idea from when I recently dipped my large jingle bells in wax and they turned out pretty neat. I wasn't happy with how thin these candy canes were anyways, so I didn't have anything to lose by giving it a shot.

Here's how I did these:

First I made my own candy cane with some craft wire I had. And a long skinny pick, made of wood. I call them skews. They are in the kitchen section and you make kabobs with them.
I just used the wire and shaped a tip of a candy cane and then wrapped it onto the skewer.
Then I just simply covered it with the cloth, by twisting the fabric from one end to the other.
Holding it in place with hot glue.

Then dipped them into the cinnamon candle I had melted, sitting on the candle warmer. 

I then laid them on the wax paper and lightly dusted them again with a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

After they dried, I used my hot glue gun and glued on some tiny jingle bells. 

After the first batch, I began to paint the jingle bells a rusty brown color. And they looked much better!

Then I packaged each one in individual wrappers so they will retain the cinnamon smell while waiting on someone to pick them out to go on their country tree! 

And the above picture is a mixed box of them on their way to my ebay CraftBooth555 where they can be purchased.

I priced these for $1.19 each

See ya'll next time,

Nov 24, 2011


I've been spending a lot of evening making some new little primitive looking ornies.

I simply cut some left over fabric into little squares and got them ready.  I then took some dark thread colors and free handed some stitching on the one side.
Some I stitched a simple candy cane, star or a simple snowman.  On one I just sewed on a button.  And on another, (top right,) I used an ink stamp of an old crow and just stamped it on.  This fabric took the ink great.

Then I stuffed them and hand sewed up the edges and then poked some rusty wire through to make a simple hanger.  I added a few rusty stars to the hangers also to make them more prim looking.

And that was all there was to it.

These look great tucked in a bowl with other similar fillers or hanging on a prim tree!

Price: Only $1.99 each in my BOOTH#555
(limited quantities)
Sold Out