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Oct 21, 2013

Old Crow Primitive Toolbox

These old looking toolboxes are a hot seller in my Peddlers Mall booth. Usually as soon as I make one, the tend to sale within 2-3 days.

I display them in ways to show how they are actually useful. Usually I tuck a handful of Country Sampler magazines in them. But for some of the cuter ones I've made, I tucked hand towels in them in the gingham pattern. A cute addition to a country kitchen, I thought. And you could also stash away some vintage kitchen utensils in these.

Anyways, I love making these little old looking toolboxes.  Keep in mind that I do not go by exact measurements on these. I just kind of wing it when cutting the boards. I think it gives a more prim look anyways.

And I almost always finish them off by stenciling on some type of design. For this one I chose the old black crow and black stars theme.

And here it is sitting beside a tobacco stick, tabletop tree with matching yellow pip berries:

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

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  1. I didn't notice until today that you are a Kentucky gal. Me too, but got displaced in Michigan. I love your idea of a "booth 555" blog. Good work!

  2. hi Peggy! Thanks much. yes i've lived in KY all my life. Right now the trees are changing rapidly and it's my fav. time ever here in the hills. I hope you still get to visit KY since moving. It's beautiful.

  3. Hello Lisa! I ran across your blog on Pinterest and LOVE IT! I can't believe you don't have more followers. You do amazing work! And I am blown away by your incredibly affordable prices! I'll continue to follow you now and can't wait to see more of your work! I love primitive decor and your blog gives me inspiration to make a few projects around my home!

  4. hi Michelle! thanks so much for or kind words.I not sure y not many have followed this blog I've had it for a lil over a year I think now. but I'm just happy if 1 person finds it helpful lol cuz I love to share the things I make. and as long as I make a few dollars when I sale it I'm happy lol thanks again n hope to see some of the things u make soon!!


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