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May 7, 2013


Hey ya'll!

My Booth #555 at Peddlers Mall has also kept me swamped. Things are selling pretty good and fast and I'm having trouble keeping it stocked up and looking good. Hectic isn't enough to describe the past month. lol.

So without anything else getting in my way, right now, lol, I'd like to share a previous craft.

Here's the before of a coat hanger that I had painted a while back, in the navy and prim yellow:

And so, after it sit for sale for a few months without anyone wanting it, I decided to give it a makeover. With the new hot style of zebra going around, I thought that's what I'd do. I'd make it into a zebra themed coat hanger so that someone may want it for their bedroom? Who knows... It could hold scarfs, hats, coats or whatever and still look cute.

And here it is after:

Thankfully, the zebra theme helped it sell finally. I'm not sure why the stars theme didn't sell though. But either way, glad someone is enjoying it!
Thank You!

I've recently been obsessed with zebra myself and here's a few ways I've incorporated it around my house.
This is the tanning room, just a spare bedroom we had. I do still have a tanning bed but we mainly do spray tans now. It's just hard to get use to.  Anyways, the big tanning bed is still in there and there's not much decorating you can do with that big hunk of bulk.
The room before was plain, with stark white walls, as it had been since we re-done this entire house about three years ago. And it had just kinda sat empty ever since.It was super plain. Nothing in there.
Well, my sister Amber, had the idea to make the room a zebra theme! And we went from there.
 I just love how it turned out. Here’s some pics:


And here's some printed out signs I've made to hang up on the walls:

Oct 4, 2012

PRIMITIVE Peg Board with Stars

  This cute peg board with railroad nails is done in flat black and Eggnog Yellow Stars.

Here's a cute board I'm making to use as a wall hanger. I'm gonna call it a peg board, for lack of a better term. It wont actually have pegs, but old, rough, flat nails in the middle of the stars to use as hangers. It'd be cute in a hallway with cute ornies on it.

Okay, so here's the plain, pine board I started with below. I bought it at Lowe's in about a 6' piece.

Then I painted the first one a first coat of burgundy in the Folk Art brand paint. I used a "rag method," which is so much easier and faster for base coats. The second one I used flat black. Just take an old cloth and rub it in the wood. This works great for me, on the plain pine wood because it soaks up the first coat so fast. And with the rag, it really helps get the pain on thick.

Then I let the burgundy dry and added a top coat of flat black Folk Art paint. 
(the second one, I just did one coat of flat black though)

Then I used a star stencil and some Delta stencil paint (pic below of type I use) 

and stenciled on the cute primitive stars. This is where I will place my old nails. Right in the middle of the stars to make hangers.

And then I gave a fast, edging sand job to all the sides and a light sand to the front. Just to age it's look a bit. I like to sand just hard enough that it allows a bit of the burgundy to show. It looks great with the flat black. Great primitive colors if you ask me together.

Oh, i added two saw tooth hangers on the back, one at each end. Two because I want it strong, as I'll be hanging stuff on it in my booth until it sales.

Here is the one finished I did in flat black and Eggnog Yellow Stars:

Sold this in my Peddlers Mall Booth
$9.99 Thank you!

I also have smaller ones in my ebay shop from time to time.

Happy Crafting ya'll,