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Apr 17, 2015

Five Random Flower Shots for Friday

Here is my random, Five on Friday to share.
 (Sorry not a craft post, but I am loving this Five on Friday thing!)

I choose to share some photos of the new life bursting around my yard.
Flowers bring me so much peace... maybe because my late Mom loved them so much also. So it's kinda like I'm still in the flowers with her sometimes.

I am still super bad with flower names, but I do know one thing, I love them all!
Sticks of a yellow Forsythia bush close to my house. It's sadly going to have to be moved as it is seeding and growing and trying to takeover others.

These are a welcome sign that spring is really here! Love these. Can't remember the names though.

I know people hate these little dandelions in their yard, but I love seeing them pop up!

Blooms from my miniature cherry tree are so beautiful close up.

Not sure the name of this little purple guy, but I love seeing them pop up all over the yard in Spring.

I'm linking up to the wonderful, Five on Friday below:

Apr 8, 2015


Hey ya'll!
Since Spring has sprung around here, it really has me in the flower posting mood.

So I'd like to share a post of a few makeshift planters I've done.

The first is a basic box that I made out of leftover pieces of barn lumber from my Barn Wood Shelves and Cabinets:
Just build a basic rectangle and leave the top open. I also left a little gap in the sides (see pic #3 below.)
My little doggie Princess helped me try it out:
She fit. She loves being outside digging in flower dirt and such.
 I left the sides open a little bit so that the water would drain out easy.
And I also dry brushed on some black paint to give it a more primitive look. Don't cover up the old wood, just kinda add some streaks to it.

Then our (neighbors) cat, "Big Kitty" tried out another one that I installed.
I attached metal flower hangers to the wall under the window and used them to sit the box on.

And I have to share one more pic before I go. 
This is a photo from last summer.  I had seen numerous posts flying around on Pinterest showing how to use old galvanized tubs as planters. So I tried it in a few.

This one was one of my favorites.
I used a photo editor to get the framed "aged" affect.
Just take any size metal tub you may have and hang it from a regular Shepards hook.
Fill the bottom with soil and add your flowers.

One thing that I need to mention is that since the metal tub draws lots of heat, the flowers tend to need a lot of watering.

I went ahead and put in one of those glass, self watering things they've came out with that is shaped like a large ear dropper. I found it at the Dollar Mart for only $1.00. And it helped keep it moist a little bit between waterings.

 And I also had a few longer and wider tubs to try things in:
Old Tub was great as a Strawberry Planter!

This was the year before when I sewed a wildflower mix in the tub. They grew wonderfully and I got many cuttings for vases and jars out of it!


Apr 3, 2015


Two flower boxes at the bottom of each also is cute.
Here's a look at my very simple garden trellis. 
And best of all, cheap and easy enough to complete in just a few hours!

It started out as an idea and a spot that I thought I'd love:
Then here it was after a about an hour:
Framed with treated landscaping timber is a cheap and sturdy way to do it!
Then a couple hours later and it was finished.
Add some 2x4 braces to the sides and then a bit of wood trellis for decoration and for climbing of flowers.

As you see it was really a very simple structure.
Two flower boxes at the bottom of each also is cute.

Here it is in the new and final spot:
Photo taken in August of 2014

As you can see, it's getting a bit weathered now, but still sturdy!

Oh, the main reason that I wanted this moved to where it is now is because it now sits up on a bank behind these beautiful barn wood corner fences that he also made:
Straight up the bank, in the shade. Hard to see though from this pic. 

And now it seems to all be coming together nicely!
I can't wait to start planting some more flowers soon!

See ya'll next time,


Apr 1, 2015


My barn wood corner fence:
Fall 2013

So here is a cute idea to make if you have some old barn lumber, or any old lumber for that matter, laying around.

 I live out in the country and driveway vears off from a secondary street to a patchy half gravel and half concrete strip.  And down at the end of that there was really no eye catching anything to get attention, just big old space.

 So I had the idea to take some of our old barn lumber and sketch out a make do corner fence at each side of the drive.  

Here it was the first year after planting some pretties.  
They were barely growing in, but you can see some coming up.

Summer 2013, I think
Here it is the 2nd year:
Fall 2013
And here it was last year.
The hanging basket lent color until the big perennials grew in.

That is my doggie, Princess, trying to get cool by the new soil I had just put down.
 And here is the fence on the other side of the driveway:
Spring 2014, other side
Fall 2013
 They were simple pink morning glories that took off beautifully and kept going way into fall.

See, I get to walk through these everyday down on my way to check the mailbox.

I had to wait a bit on the right side one to be finished because we were short a wide enough board for the last corner. But I finally found one!

And I had to add this photo from February 2015. Look how beautiful!

One thing is for sure, it gives you a cute focal point in places that are bare.
And they are very easy to decorate in all occasions.

Summer time is my favorite though.
Just let all the flowers kinda take over like this:

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