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Apr 8, 2015


Hey ya'll!
Since Spring has sprung around here, it really has me in the flower posting mood.

So I'd like to share a post of a few makeshift planters I've done.

The first is a basic box that I made out of leftover pieces of barn lumber from my Barn Wood Shelves and Cabinets:
Just build a basic rectangle and leave the top open. I also left a little gap in the sides (see pic #3 below.)
My little doggie Princess helped me try it out:
She fit. She loves being outside digging in flower dirt and such.
 I left the sides open a little bit so that the water would drain out easy.
And I also dry brushed on some black paint to give it a more primitive look. Don't cover up the old wood, just kinda add some streaks to it.

Then our (neighbors) cat, "Big Kitty" tried out another one that I installed.
I attached metal flower hangers to the wall under the window and used them to sit the box on.

And I have to share one more pic before I go. 
This is a photo from last summer.  I had seen numerous posts flying around on Pinterest showing how to use old galvanized tubs as planters. So I tried it in a few.

This one was one of my favorites.
I used a photo editor to get the framed "aged" affect.
Just take any size metal tub you may have and hang it from a regular Shepards hook.
Fill the bottom with soil and add your flowers.

One thing that I need to mention is that since the metal tub draws lots of heat, the flowers tend to need a lot of watering.

I went ahead and put in one of those glass, self watering things they've came out with that is shaped like a large ear dropper. I found it at the Dollar Mart for only $1.00. And it helped keep it moist a little bit between waterings.

 And I also had a few longer and wider tubs to try things in:
Old Tub was great as a Strawberry Planter!

This was the year before when I sewed a wildflower mix in the tub. They grew wonderfully and I got many cuttings for vases and jars out of it!