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Feb 5, 2018


Super easy and cute decoration craft here.  
from wood hunks.

I simply had the idea one day when looking at a stack of wood we have out back.
Here's some of how we stack it.

Well, a couple of the little end pieces were laying on the ground and it looked like a few hunks of watermelon to me.  

So I grabbed it, cleaned it off and painted it up like so.

I just used acrylic craft paint in the craft section of Walmart. And I just used any red and green I had on hand.

And after painting on some red like that, I took a sponge brush and dabbed on the green to the "rime" and had to water it down a it to get it to soak in good enough.

And in the pic, you can see I dabbed on some blackish brown for the seeds and came back in with a touch of white to make them stand out.

As you see, any shape of little hunks of wood will basically do.
Just paint'em up and sit'em on your porch in a cute tray!

Happy Crafting, see ya'll next time,

May 18, 2016


I love Mason jars old and new.  And therefore I'm always looking for new everyday uses for them. And by looking on Pinterest I ran across this idea. A chick feeder, old jar and lid as a bird feeder!

For this easy bird feeder craft, all you need is:

-chick feeder base, approximately $3 at feed or animal stores
-A mason jar, new or old
-a metal or enamel lid
-E-6000 glue

Super simple. Just steady your lid upside down ((I sat mine in the feeder)) and squirt e-6000 glue on the bottom of you Mason jar.

Then sit the mason jar bottom onto the upside down lid to dry.

Drying takes about 24 hours to cure completely as this is strong glue.

Then after completely dry just flip it over and screw the jar into the chick feed base.

Now you can start to see that when we unscrew the base , we flip the jar and lid  top upside down to fill with birdseed.

The lid acts as a topper to keep the exposed birdseed dry and the handle on the lids makes for an easy way to hang.
Here it is hanging out on a shepherds hook.
And here it is over beside my little chicken coop. The bits and pieces of corn and seed that falls are soon found. (Look in the bottom right of the corner of next pic down.)
When I take it down to refill it, I have plenty of help from the Gerty, Myrtle and the girls.
My little chickens are so curious about anything I am doing.
I loved how simple and beautiful this craft turned out to be that I am also going to go ahead and use a chick feed waterer base to make a hummingbird feeder this same way.  Remember, in case you don't know, you can't use a chicken feeder base like this to hold hummingbird liquid. I tried! It all runs out! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by ya'll! See ya' next time.
~Lisa at

Apr 8, 2015


Hey ya'll!
Since Spring has sprung around here, it really has me in the flower posting mood.

So I'd like to share a post of a few makeshift planters I've done.

The first is a basic box that I made out of leftover pieces of barn lumber from my Barn Wood Shelves and Cabinets:
Just build a basic rectangle and leave the top open. I also left a little gap in the sides (see pic #3 below.)
My little doggie Princess helped me try it out:
She fit. She loves being outside digging in flower dirt and such.
 I left the sides open a little bit so that the water would drain out easy.
And I also dry brushed on some black paint to give it a more primitive look. Don't cover up the old wood, just kinda add some streaks to it.

Then our (neighbors) cat, "Big Kitty" tried out another one that I installed.
I attached metal flower hangers to the wall under the window and used them to sit the box on.

And I have to share one more pic before I go. 
This is a photo from last summer.  I had seen numerous posts flying around on Pinterest showing how to use old galvanized tubs as planters. So I tried it in a few.

This one was one of my favorites.
I used a photo editor to get the framed "aged" affect.
Just take any size metal tub you may have and hang it from a regular Shepards hook.
Fill the bottom with soil and add your flowers.

One thing that I need to mention is that since the metal tub draws lots of heat, the flowers tend to need a lot of watering.

I went ahead and put in one of those glass, self watering things they've came out with that is shaped like a large ear dropper. I found it at the Dollar Mart for only $1.00. And it helped keep it moist a little bit between waterings.

 And I also had a few longer and wider tubs to try things in:
Old Tub was great as a Strawberry Planter!

This was the year before when I sewed a wildflower mix in the tub. They grew wonderfully and I got many cuttings for vases and jars out of it!


Apr 4, 2015

DIY Primitive Watering Cans

I've been in the mood to do some summery crafts now that Spring is here.
So today I'd like to show you how I re-made some old plain watering cans.

Here is the before photo
 I won at an auction for only $2.00 each. I took a total of 3 cases of 4, getting 12 cans in all. So total spent was $24. I'm going to price them for $11.99 each and hopefully if they all sell, it will pay for my months rent in my Booth#555, which is $120.00 plus a 4% fee.

Keep in mind you can use any cans that you may have or even look for the cheap ones at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store.

 They were cute as they were in the blue and white speck, but having so many I needed to change a few up.

So I started with some regular craft paint from Walmart, the .88cent bottles.
Give them a good coating. For the first few I chose the burgundy red:
I left that cute rusty spot showing through some. I liked it.
Then I picked through my drawer of primitive stencils that I bought from eBay.
My favorite ones are the Old Crow and the Stars.
It's so rough. I have used this same stencil for years.
I put on the stencil paint with a makeup sponge.
Start with a small dab of paint. It's best not to get it very wet at once either, or the paint will bleed under your stencil. So less is more really!

I used a few different of my stencils and here's some pics of the first set:

And then I wanted to make up some in different colors and here they are.
For this one, I mixed up some gray, dark blue and little bit of black and some off yellow and came up with the base color that kind of looks like old metal. 
Then I took some red and dry brushed it on to make it look like old rust:
 So far this is my absolute favorite one!:
And then on a few I took some different kind of paint that I found at BigLots for around $2.49 and painted a few again that I didn't like how they had turned out.  It is a gloss red:
I like how these dried a deeper red and with a touch of shine!
And here's a few pics of all the rest:

I ended up keeping one with a star and glossy finsish for my front porch.
I put a vine in it and I think it looks kinda cool.

These watering cans are available in my 
$11.99 each
and I might upload one in my Etsy shop.

I hope I didn't price them too high, but they are metal.
Happy Crafting Ya'll.