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Jul 7, 2012


Grapevine Tree with Lights

Grapevine Tree with lights
I am so in love with the country *Primitive* decorating. And a midst all of that, I am very proud of my husband for making me this Grapevine Tree.
He really went back into the woods, brought in cut vines, soaked them in a galvanized tub out front for a couple days, and then shaped it up around a wooden frame he made. I think the frame is 2x2's oh and then for the ones going up the sides, it is the 1x2's, I think.
I brought it indoors because the weather is getting so bad. He put a lot of work in it, and I don't want it to ruin. He had to soak the grapevines for longer than he thought before he could even bend them. 
For decorations I added two small strands of white lights and some of my late mom's aluminum cookie cutters.
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I am o so in love with the country *Primitive* decorating!

Price: Sorry not for sale yet, cause I'm lovin' it! :-) 

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