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Oct 21, 2013

Primitive Tobacco Stick Grapevine Tree

I recently posted about how to make a Tobacco Stick Tree out of old tobacco sticks. Well, today I'm going to share with you the process of how I take this a step further by adding grapevine. And turning those old, unwanted tobacco sticks into a cute Tobacco Stick Grapevine Tree.
A row of old tobacco sticks after I had washed them. I try to pick close sizes when working with them.

Since making this very first tobacco stick grapevine tree, like this, I've made many more with a few different options now. I prefer the skinnier ones like this:

And here it is when I was just toying with some grapevine on it:

And I started to like it. So I added a few more strands to fill it in. And it started to look like this:
Then I had to add even more grapevine to hid the legs, which I was planning on leaving showing, but it looked weird. And I also started to tie in some sprigs of pip berry garland to add more interest, like this:

 The grapevine garland comes in rolls and looks like this when unrolled:

I didn't want to overload it with the grapevine garland so much that it would hide the tobacco sticks. I think they look kinda cute showing through. Here it is all done with everything except the lights.

And my latest one is now a tabletop version for those spots where we just don't have enough room for the full size. Here is the beginning of my very first ever, tabletop tobacco stick tree without any decorations so you can see the basic frame:

And here is the same one, tabletop version with a bit of grapevine garland just strung on. So you start to get the picture:
I'm still working on this one, :-) 
here's an update pic now:

But here's a few below that I have recently finished and sold:

This one with yellow pip berries was a trial and error. I took sprigs of pip berries and put them on one by one instead of stringing the strands of garland.

I didn't want to hide all the tobacco sticks. 

And here's another shorter, tabletop kind with grapevine, star lights and pip berries:

Small, skinny and plain. Love this one.

I made these to sell in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555,

Here's some other things I've been making too, if you are interested.

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Happy Crafting Ya'll! 

Jul 7, 2012


Grapevine Tree with Lights

Grapevine Tree with lights
I am so in love with the country *Primitive* decorating. And a midst all of that, I am very proud of my husband for making me this Grapevine Tree.
He really went back into the woods, brought in cut vines, soaked them in a galvanized tub out front for a couple days, and then shaped it up around a wooden frame he made. I think the frame is 2x2's oh and then for the ones going up the sides, it is the 1x2's, I think.
I brought it indoors because the weather is getting so bad. He put a lot of work in it, and I don't want it to ruin. He had to soak the grapevines for longer than he thought before he could even bend them. 
For decorations I added two small strands of white lights and some of my late mom's aluminum cookie cutters.
I also collect a lot of aluminum kitchen items, click here to take a look.

I am o so in love with the country *Primitive* decorating!

Price: Sorry not for sale yet, cause I'm lovin' it! :-) 

But I do have tons of other hand made goodies if you are looking.
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