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Sep 6, 2016

HALLOWEEN MASON JARS with Wooden Pumpkin Spoons

Hey ya'll!
Here's a Halloween themed idea for those plain ole' Mason jars you may have.  And if you don't have any on hand, Walmart and even the Dollar General stores carry them in cases.
Plain jar before
The Halloween themed Mason jar looks like it has a lot going on. Really it was pretty simple.

Okay, so first off we need to clean the outside of the jar with a little bit of alcohol.  This will remove all dust, lint and crap so it will have a good, sharp finish.
I just wiped it down with a paper towel dipped in the alcohol.

Okay then just paint the inside of the jar a color you want to pop. I choose the Cinnamon color from Folk Art craft paints.  

Oops, this is a pic of another one I painted Cinnamon on the outside. But anyways, just paint the orange on the inside if you are going for the look of my top pic, or vice versa if for another. 

And for the outside I went with antique white.

Okay, I've switched up the pics somehow of the inside and outside, but this pic shows the white inside. But remember you want the white on the outside if you want it like the jar at the top of this page.
For some reason I've vice-versa'd the pics.

Okay, anyways, after you have painted a good coat on the outside in white, and its dry, take some fine grit sandpaper and sand it. 

And you'll start seeing this.

I like all the scratchy type marks.
And wipe all the dust off then add one coat of sealer. I like the varnish in satin.

And let it dry then decorate it with burlap strips, a bell

      and some of my pre-made  

And here it is finished:

And here's the other one I just finished up.

See ya'll next time,

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Mar 31, 2015


Here is a cute $5.00 trunk that I won at an auction.
It was a rusty brown color with bits of black here and there before.
I did remember to snap a before pic this time!
But only after I finished spray painting it entirely black!

Here's a pic of it, but from the back.

 Well, I knew I could do something cute with it.
So I decided to just make it a little primish.

I had a large "SIMPLIFY" stencil that I got off from eBay that I had been dieing to use.
So I got that out along with some star stencils.

And this is what it ended up like:

And here is another one that started out just like the first one.
It's just a little bit bigger.
But I forgot the before pics, or either I can't find them one.

I took a can of wine colored spray paint and kind of sprayed here and there around the edges to give it a little more interesting color.

And off to my Peddlers Mall Booth #555 it went:
I priced it for $29.99

PRICE: $29.99
Sold in my Booth#555

See ya'll next time,

Oct 7, 2014

STYROFOAM SNOW BALLS in Rusty Minnow Bucket

Look how cute these little snowballs turned out that I made with simply Epson salt and Elmer's glue! Aren't they adorable.  And they are super easy to.

I took plain styrofoam balls, painted Elmers Glue on them, super thick like,  and then just rolled them around until covered.  Set aside on some wax paper to dry and that's it.

It seriously is one of the easiest crafts I've done.

Here they are up close and frosty:
-More detailed instructions-
1. Gather some Styrofoam balls (look at Walmart in the craft section,) Elmer's glue and a box of Epson salt.

2.  Pour out the Epson salt in a pie pan or something similar.  I use those throw away aluminum pie pans for easy clean up.

3.  Take the Elmer's glue and paint it all around the Styrofoam ball with a good coating.

4. Then, while still wet, roll it all around in the Epson salt.  Make sure to get a good coat on.  And don't worry if you don't think you are getting enough on.  You can always go back and add more easily.

And that is it.  Set it aside on some wax paper to dry!  From time to time you do notice some epson salt breaking off, but it would be an easy fix by just applying a clear coating. But I have just left mine how they are.  I love how the lights sparkle off the salt!

I found an old minnow, rusty bucket with a handle that I sat my fake snowballs in to display.  I added a metal brown star and put the words "Snowballs 5cents" on it with white craft paint.  And to finish it off a sprig of pip berry and some homespun fabric.

These are a hot seller in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555.  
When in a bucket like this, I price them for only $7.99.  But when I put them in a bag in sets of 3, I only put $2.99 on them. 

Happy Crafting and see ya'll next time,

Sep 5, 2014


(Warning Lots of Snowmen Photos!)
I made these Primitive Snowman Magnets:
out from these $1.19 party favor button pins:

The party favor buttons can be found at the Dollar Mart for only $1.19 for a pack of 12. Wow!

Just take them apart by pressing them open, the pins on the back twist off with a setting and here they are all apart:

The little plastic cabochon tops tops are usually that price for only them!

And I just began by painting the backs of the Jesus inserts. I did not want to paint over the Jesus picture, lol, I'm just like that.

Then after painting about 24 of these all in antique white, I started to add some eyes:

And then I started to just free hand on some noses and then some mouths on some:

Some of them I took some very very light reddish pink and gave their cheeks some rosey, winter color.

And then I took some magnets, also found in the Dollar Mart, for a $1.19 for a pack of 20! Unbelievable! I bought all they had! And I glued them on the back with my favorite glue ever, E6000. It is found at Wal-Mart.

And then on the fronts I took some tears of homespun fabric, tied little knots in them, and glued them on with E6000 glue also, as little scarves.

And here is a set of them sitting and drying.

They are starting to look super cute!

After they dried, I tried the magnets out on a metal lid. They hold great!

And then I figured on some (not assembled yet) I would go back add some glitter to the faces. To give the feel of maybe frost. I did this with simple craft varnish mixed with a dash of silver glitter. White glitter would have been better, but I was out of the great, tiny stuff:

And here is some with the glitter varnish and some easy print out 3x5 papers from to make them look better in the packages:

Some of them I decided to put the Pins back on the back to mix them up. 
Who knows, they may be a cute winter pin to wear!

And the others, I left as magnets. Magnets are my all time favorite thing to make with snowmen!

If you like the Snowman Spoons in the pitcher above, here's where I made them!

I priced these for only .99cents each in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555
I think they will be a great grab as you go item that people can keep or give as a cheap gift.

Happy Crafting
& See ya'll next time.