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Sep 29, 2015


I am going to post a few thread spindles and jars that I have painted snowmen on.

I just can't help it when it comes to snowmen, I just want to paint them on everything!

These are the plain, ole' wooden thread spindles that you are seeing about now.
 They are cute to just tuck here and there as are, but I thought they may be a bit cuter with a little chubby snowman on them!

I used the FOLKART brand of craft paint from Walmart.

And I just free handed on some matching snowmen.  This way in case someone wants to use them as a matching pair.

And for the snowflakes, they were really easy. Just draw you some straight lines like this below:
And just dab on dots for the tips!

Here's how mine came out, but sorry a bit blurry:
 And here they are again all done:

And that was just about all to them.

And then I had an old bottle and a white little jar sitting around.
I was in such a rush to start painting, I had already done a the other side of the bottle before I remembered the b4 pic.
And the other side of the jar was plain white.

As you see, when I start one type of snowman, I tend to put the same one on a few items. Not sure why, it's just how I do it.  And I'm always thinking maybe someone wants a few items in set, who knows?

Here's another pic of them:

And yesterday I had a request for Santa items.  So I will be making a few of them in the upcoming weeks!
Not sure why, but I just tend to get stuck on Snowmen!! lol
So please check back soon!

See ya'll next time,

Sep 12, 2015



It's headed into that time of year again! I know it is still months ahead for most shoppers, but for us makers of the holiday crafts, we have to start early.

Here is a fresh new batch of my Snowmen Clothespin Magnets.

In case you missed the others:

I started off with these plain, wooden clothespins from the Dollar Tree for $1.00.

First, I spray painted some of them them all Almond in the Rustoleum brand from Walmart, the rest a regular white.

 I found laying them on chicken wire really helped make the spraying go faster. More air could get in and out too to dry better. Waited for that to dry, flipped them over, sprayed the backs.

And then sometimes I just stick them on my clothesline and spray them there too.
 Then I just lay them all out in lines and I start to do about three of them in the same facial designs at once.
That way I don't get too bored repeating the same thing over and over. And it makes for a great way to make the batches a little bit different each time!

Then I start throwing in some random words like Faith, Family, Friends, Joy, Hope or such.
And then more and more. Just whatever really pops into my head at the time.
And when I get tired of the same ole' again, I started trying new faces kinda like some I saw on some spindles on Pinterest.
oh, have to add her a nose....
The main key to making so many of these Snowmen Clothespin Magnets, I think, is to do a few at a time in steps. Like say do three sets with the same eyes, then go on and do three different ones. Then come back and do three sets of noses or so on. And that way it doesn't really feel like tons of the same at once.
And then I had to start thinking about what to use as a scarf. I always keep leftover material on hand. So I have plenty. I like to cut a start of a line, then tear it the rest of the way off to give it a more worn, primitive look.
Just tie it on and it instantly dresses them up quite a bit!

There's some above, in some blue scarves I changed up.

I love these colors the most though. Just that they remind me of Christmas more or something!
And here's some more pics so you can get some ideas of more faces if you need them.
And some Faith, Family and Friends styles again.

And then just use some E-6000 glue and glue on some magnets. I buy the stronger, button round ones from Walmart in the packs of 52 for around $3.00. It's best to never try to use the strips with stick and go for these. Those aren't quite strong enough for anything.

If they don't have the small enough round ones, you can still get the 3/4" and cut them in half with strong scissors and you get double for your money. And they look fine!

And now, if you are still with me after the tons of photos! (sorry I just can't get enough snowmen!)
I was ready to package these up for sale in packs of 10 this year. Because that is how I am selling them in my online store.

So I just grabbed the closest size, clear bag I had, (which was a little too big, but I can make due.)
And some crafting paper in a pretty brown.
And my reindeer scissors which really get me in the mood! lol

Just cut the crafting paper about as tall as the Snowmen Clothespin Magnets and as wide as your bag is. Insert it as the backdrop and then just line up your magnets.  I've learned magnets are usually hard to package because they will tend to flip and stick to each other.  But if you put them in close enough and tight enough to each other, they stand very good and firm for packaging!

I try to keep them in color coordinated packs because on ebay people tend to want them all in one color theme. Or they usually buy two sets, one of each color.

And then I take one of my printed out cards, 
that I made from using AVERY online, print them on cardstock, and sometimes stick them in the end to take up space. Just bend over the sides and it will stand. 

Or sometimes I just roll the sides of the bag back and tape it and stick my bag toppers, that I also make with Avery online, and staple them to the top.

And here's the back of the topper I made in Avery online:

And sorry again about the tons of pics, but I just love them all!

Here's some all packaged up now and ready to go!

They are all packaged up, just waiting for some new Winter Homes!

Hope ya'll liked these batches of my new Snowmen Clothespin Magnets!
I sure had fun making them. And I will probably make a few more batches if I have time tomorrow.

Happy crafting until I see ya'll next time,

Mar 2, 2015


I'm going to share a post today about some of the crafts that I most frequently make to sell.  After making them, I sell them in my craft booth, Booth #555 at the Morehead Peddlers Mall.

And here is just a few that are super easy and fun!

Snowman Clothespin Magnets:
These adorable snowmen magnets are a super fun craft.  They cost only a few dollars to make a package of 50.  And as you see I price these for $1.00 each in my booth.  You can also use them as bag clips for potato chips and such.

Click Here for the full instruction list to make these.

Snowman & Pumpkin Wooden Spoons:

These are super fun and easy to make also.  And on the cheap side but you can sell them for around $2.00 and still make a profit locally.  If selling online I know you have to raise it to cover various costs.  But local sales and craft booths these can be huge money makers.  Just keep enough in stock and ready to go.

CLICK HERE for full instructions.


These are a messy craft but fun! Who doesn't love having primitive looking candles sitting around? I think they look so country, I just love them!
You can grab the plain, white candles at your local Big Lots store for cheap!

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.


banner And finally, one of my all time favorite crafts,

These are super fun and look adorable in any country kitchen. I have crocks and jars full of these in my home. And I'm adding to them every time I make a batch!

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.