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Sep 15, 2016


"Hit me with your best shot." 

Hey ya'll, I've been busy making a ton of Christmas ornaments this week. And I had an idea since it is bow season (hunting) in our area, that I should make some sort of hunting ornaments that men and women hunters would like.  So this is what I came up with.

I used my metal, regular mouth sized, Mason jar lids, (not rings,) 

and spray painted them various colors.

Some even camo by spraying the base black and coming back in with spruce green here and there.

At the moment I painted the CAMO, I didn't realize they were WIDE MOUTH LIDS, so I couldn't use them with the 2" circle target cutouts. The Wide Mouth Lids need the 3" cutouts.

While those were drying,
I did a quick search and found this free image via Wikipedia to use as a center.

Then I just used Avery Print Online and uploaded the target pic into the 2" round printable project.

 Which was perfect since the regular size since these regular size jar lids are about 2 3/4", the 2 inch circle pic fits right in the center.

I used Elmers glue, lightly painting it on with a paintbrush, to the back of the cutout circles (using regular scissors,) and gluing them onto the lid.  If you get too much glue the paper will bubble.

And just stick them on in the center.

This is how it looks.

Give it a bit to dry, and then you will need to take a hole punch or a nail to puncture a hole at the top to attach a hanger.

Here's the closeup.
Just big enough to put a wire hanger through.

See the wire hanger to the right in the pic? Hard to see a bit. It's just those extra Christmas ornament hooks that come in packages of 50 or 100 at the Dollar General Stores. Perfect for this craft.

And I also wanted to package these so I took an extra step to print out bag toppers also at AVERY PRINT ONLINE.

 I added the tag line, "Hit me with your best shot."
I thought it was a cute idea.

I didn't take a pic of them in the bags, but here's is what it looks like all done.

I think since I'm bagging them up to make them a cute Christmas gift, I'm gonna price them for $1.99 each.  If I didn't bag them, so they'd be cheaper, I'd price them for just .99 cents each. And to have a place to display the un-packaged ones, I thought I needed something to hang them in. So I made this.

I used a box top off of  just an old cardboard box.

I had already started to paint it before thinking of a pic, but I got one.
Ihad just done one coat of black on the outside so far. Then on the inside, as you see, I left cardboard brown and took a real leaf and held it up and spray painted over it.  This gave it a camouflage look to go with my hunting theme.  I used Rustoleum in Spruce Green for this.

Then after that all was dry, I used some plastic hanger that I had from a display rack for the hanging racks.
I just punched a hole through the cardboard with a knife and stuck in the hangers.

I then just used duct tape for the back to secure them.

 It holds great but is ugly. No one is going to see the back anyways.

And here it is from the front. I had to adjust the duct tape on the back to straighten the pegs though.

Then I took more duct tape,

 to seam off the edges for a cuter, country look.

And here it is all done. Holding the un-packaged DIY Target Ornaments.

 I just printed out a sign that says TARGET ORNAMENTS .99 and glued it to a strip of duct tape for the top sign.

 And for the hanging price tags, I googled, "hit me with your best shot," and found this little black sign. I printed out a sheet of them onto red paper, punched a hole with a hole puncher and wrote the price on the back.

And that was that.
I'll be able to use this camo, country display for lots of items later too.

What do you think about these?
If ya' give them as a git, they can decorate their tree at first, then take them out and fire away!

See ya'll next time,

Sep 8, 2016


Hey Ya'll, Morning!  
And warning, photo overload of snowmen!
I was lagging yesterday in the craft making department.  That is until I saw this craft made from metal jar lids and I immediately wanted to make some. So I got started and ended up making around 60. Yep, I'm tired of painting snowmen faces for a few days now. ;-)

Here's how I made them in case you want to give it a go.

I started out with a bunch of plain ole, metal Mason Jar lids in two sizes of
Regular: 2 2/4"
Wide Mouth: 3 3/4"
Some were new and shiny, some old and rusty. It doesn't matter to me.
And I spray painted them a base color in various shades of green and maroon that I had on hand.
The white was used for speckling (snow) only because it's a cheaper can and doesn't cover good.
Here are the Rustoleum and Valspar that cover great in one coat:

After they dry, they are a flat, softer color. Then we're ready to get started painting with craft paint.
My favorite brand is Folk Art but I do have a lot of Apple Barrel on hand too.

Just start by making various circles for the basic face shape of the snowman. 
I use Antique White as the color.

Sometimes I dab my brush, sometimes swirl.
Then just on to the dots for the eyes, and carrots for the noses.
When you think of them all as dots and such, it's easier for me to paint, rather than thinking, "oh I have to paint a face." Dots and carrots come easier. ;-)

 Click here for details on drawing snowman faces EASY

Oh and a I wanted to make a few in the cute blue that I had first found online, so I used a craft paint blue, in the closest color and just brushed it on for a few:

Here's a few more pics of the various ones I hand painted in whatever type of face came to mind at the time. 

And after what felt like a million snowman faces later,

a few candy canes,

 gingerbread men,

I decided to start adding the wire hangers.

I happened to have a metal punch on hand, but you can easily use a hammer and a nail to punch a hole in each side for a wire.

Two good hits, on a sturdy wood back is all it takes to get a good hole.

Here's the back. Oh yea, for some, I painted the backs a variety of colors, just to add a different, unique touch.

I used regular, thin gauge craft wire for the hangers. 

At first the wire was bright silver, 

but I didn't like it much, so after I cut it in strips, I spray painted them black.

I like the black much better.

And then after putting all the wires in and twirling the tips with a pencil so they wouldn't slip back through, I got out the homespun and pieces of Christmas garland.

And here is how they ended up turning out:

These are my absolute favorite of them all. The old blue looking ones.

These are now for sale in my local co-op craft booth and my ebay shop.
Happy Crating ya'll,