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Oct 19, 2012

Second Set of Snowmen CLOTHESPIN Magnets

I made another batch of snowmen clothespins today. To view my first go at this, click here. This time I made a few small changes to give them a more prim appearance. Such as replacing some of the buttons, stars and hearts with words such as faith, family, friends, hope ect. The words are basically endless that you could write. I like to do a little country effect by putting the dots on the points of the letters.

I started by buying some plain, wooden clothespins at the DollarMart. A package of 50 for only $1.00. Then I spray painted half of them an almond color, the other half just white. I only buy the Rustoleum brand of spray paint at Walmart. One coat and you're ready to go.

Then I painted on all the faces step by step. All eyes of one style such as happy eyes, ect. And then all noses, all mouths and so on. Then the wording down the bottom on some, others I chose hearts, stars or x's. Just mix them up.

Next, I gathered the stuff I'd need such as magnets and glue.

If you notice in the next picture, I had to cut these magnets in half to fit perfectly on my clothespins because they were out of the smaller size at Walmart. But they cut easily and it did allow me to get double for my money. Hint: Never buy the rolls of magnets for these type of projects. They do not have a good strong hold.

Then I was ready to let them sit and dry. While doing so, I started cutting some fabric for the scarfs. So that kept me busy as I am a figity person. I sooo hate waiting. lol.
And here they are after I added their little scarfs!

After posting these, I also went back and added a little red to their cheeks. It just was the finishing touch for me. lol. And then packaged them individually this time around, in case some will be given as gifts.

These are now ready for sale in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555.

Snowmen Magnets


  1. I love how you changed them up with the words, and how some are almond colored! After I made some using the flat strips of magnets, I know just what you mean about them not having a strong hold. Since I'm so OCD I went back and actually replaced every one with a small, round, stronger magnet (i.e. I need to get a They came out great and have you to thank for your idea using the big clothespins and making them into magnets! The little ones I made are cute but are more expensive and kind of a pain to make!! I like these sooooo much better! :) ~maggie

  2. Your welcome and in return, I loved ur idea of the snowmen on them in the first place. lol.
    Yes the flat magnets suck for this craft. So i gave it up. I have a few packs of the smaller clothespins (well, medium size) cause I have tiny ones also. They came in a kentucky blue color, I am thinking of leaving them blue and painting something to do with KY Wildcats on them, and making them magnets as well. But other than that, I'm not going to do the small ones, cause, yep, i can only imagine how annoying it is to paint the tiny ones. lol. Thanks for stopping by!


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