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Mar 7, 2015

MASON JAR Stamped Hang Tags (Gift Tags & Price Tags)

I'm loving all these Mason Jar ideas I've seen lately. So thought I'd share a really popular one I like to do.
 (If you want them without making them, they are available in my Etsy shop, hint hint :-)

Yesterday I made up a bunch of new tags for my craft Booth #555.  I made both some plain ones and some primitive & grubby ones also. And of course, a lot of the Mason jar styles! These are really simple and require very little supplies.

Here is what you will need:
-I use Avery manilla, blank labels with re-enforced eyelet

but you can easily pick up a package of 100 white, Avery blank labels from Walmart for around $2.00
-1 bottle of brown craft paint from Walmart.  They run about .88 cents a bottle.
-1 paint brush
-A Stamp of your choice: Mason JAR (I bought mine on eBay around $11.00)
-blank ink stamp pad ($1.00 from Dollar Tree)
-String if you don't have any or don't want to use the white that comes with the Walmart ones, you can purchase bakers twine on eBay or from me on etsy :-)

First thing I did was to turn the plain, out of the box tags into the grubby, primitive type that we are seeing everywhere.  I DID DO THIS TO THE MIDDLE PHOTO AT THE TOP, but I like them both GRUBBY AND PLAIN!
 I used the most simple way I could think of to do this.  Not involving the coffee, tea or other mixtures that I've read about out there. 
I did this process in an earlier blog post, so I won't bore you again here. But if you need the details, here's the link:

Grungy Tags Recipe Without Tea or Coffee

Then I just got out my mason jar stamp and black in pad and hand stamped each one of them. 

Then all that was left to do was to attach some baker's twine to each one.  This was the hardest part. lol. I hate tedious things like this, but it must be done! lol

And BAM! They are done.

Wouldn't these be awesome attached to a cute, country gift. Maybe packaged in that plain ole' brown paper wrapping?  Or use them as gift tags on mason jar goodies in summer?  And best of all, wouldn't they be a cute little accessory in a country themed wedding?  As for me, I use them as price tags in my craft booth. 

I mean the uses could be endless.

Oct 10, 2013

Cheap Craft Show Display Cabinet

Since I sell many little items and crafts in my Booth #555 at the Peddlers Mall, I am always in need of more shelving. And the other night at a local auction, I won this little white night stand for only $5.

Sure it needs some work, (has a top drawer missing!) but for $5 I knew I could do something with it. It's real wood, so it's sturdy. Something you don't hardly find now a days. lol.

I took one can of Walmart brand black spray paint to it.

Then just roughly sanded all the edges after it dried. I liked it like that so I left it. And where the top drawer was missing, I just stapled in a strip of black and white fabric.

I got the idea to use some pine boards because we are currently remaking our kitchen and I just laid a piece on the top of the nightstand, and liked it. So it just went from there. And believe me, I do not do exact cuts and measurements. I'm bad with that stuff, but this one still turned out good. The pine boards are really easy to cut with just a simple jig saw. I used a few more 1x3 pine boards (maybe for trim?) and kinda just doodled a little drawing, in the shape of a basic ladder, kinda. lol. and just cut cut cut until I got it to looking like a little shelf. That is what I am putting on top of the night stand to give it height and extra storage/display in my booth.

And here's what I came up with.
It's perfect to add extra height in my booth and the shelves, even though small, lets me add extra items! I love it.

And for the back. I went out into the garage, searching for something to make it a little bit more sturdy. And guess what I found. I had a black bookcase sitting out there holding on VHS Disney tapes. Lol. So I turned it around and removed half of the backing from that. Since it's not holding nothing great, I won't really care if it has a back or not. And I cut the cardboard type backing with regular scissors. That stuff is very thin! But it worked great!

And once again, here's the before:

 And here's the after:


Hope you got some inspiration from this and can maybe turn an old broken piece of furniture into something useful in your home or your craft booth!

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

Oct 19, 2012

Second Set of Snowmen CLOTHESPIN Magnets

I made another batch of snowmen clothespins today. To view my first go at this, click here. This time I made a few small changes to give them a more prim appearance. Such as replacing some of the buttons, stars and hearts with words such as faith, family, friends, hope ect. The words are basically endless that you could write. I like to do a little country effect by putting the dots on the points of the letters.

I started by buying some plain, wooden clothespins at the DollarMart. A package of 50 for only $1.00. Then I spray painted half of them an almond color, the other half just white. I only buy the Rustoleum brand of spray paint at Walmart. One coat and you're ready to go.

Then I painted on all the faces step by step. All eyes of one style such as happy eyes, ect. And then all noses, all mouths and so on. Then the wording down the bottom on some, others I chose hearts, stars or x's. Just mix them up.

Next, I gathered the stuff I'd need such as magnets and glue.

If you notice in the next picture, I had to cut these magnets in half to fit perfectly on my clothespins because they were out of the smaller size at Walmart. But they cut easily and it did allow me to get double for my money. Hint: Never buy the rolls of magnets for these type of projects. They do not have a good strong hold.

Then I was ready to let them sit and dry. While doing so, I started cutting some fabric for the scarfs. So that kept me busy as I am a figity person. I sooo hate waiting. lol.
And here they are after I added their little scarfs!

After posting these, I also went back and added a little red to their cheeks. It just was the finishing touch for me. lol. And then packaged them individually this time around, in case some will be given as gifts.

These are now ready for sale in my Peddlers Mall Booth #555.

Snowmen Magnets

Sep 21, 2012


I wanna share another great idea which spawned from eyeballs by day, crafts by night. She had used some mini clothespins and painted super cute snowmen on them. Then used them as mini clippies. Well, I've been making a lot of magnets lately so I wondered if I could get a strong enough magnet on these and it be able to hold notes and such on a refrigerator without falling, without looking silly.

And here's how I started. Here's the plain wooden clothespins found at the Dollar Mart for $1.19 for a pack of 50! SUPER DEAL!
First, I spray painted them all white in the Rustoleam brand from Walmart. Waited for that to dry, flipped them over, sprayed the backs.

And then I began to paint the cute little faces. Seriously, I mean I painted 100 of these little guys without giving up, my arm went numb lol.. To make the little faces, I referred to the ones in the blog above, eyeballs by day, crafts by night. All I really changed in this pic was some stars and hearts as the buttons. And now and then added different facial features because after about 50 in a row, the cute smiles got old. lol. So some I made frown and kinda grumpy like. :-)

And here's another pic of even some more...... But in these notice that I gave them an added hat to match their scarfs!

And finally after I got all the painting and adding the scarfs (pieces of old homespun) and optional hats, I began to attach the magnets. I tried two types of magnets, first the kind that comes on a big roll in the crafts department and is easily cut-able:

Which I learned that when I stick it on the fridge with a note, it didnt hold so well. So then I tried the round, more sturdy, .75 inch magnet. Found at Michaels which contain 50 magnets for somewhere around $3. I love these. They are super strong, but I had to take scissors and cut in half so it didnt look bad. But that was great, cause in the end, I got 100 strong magnets outta a pack of 50! Whoo hoo to saving money!
For some reason I can't find a pic of these on the back, but they did not look bad at all. I just tried to cut super straight because cutting magnets with a small set of scissors is not easy. lol.

And here's a few more pics, just because I love how these little guys turned out. lol. Hope you do too!

Price, after handpainting each and giving them their own personality :-)  lol :  $1.00
& remember, they have high quality magnets on the back and will hold papers on the fridge

Here they are after they are packaged and ready for sale in my Booth #555:

I make a lil cardstock printout with the booth id and link to my etsy shop as an insert. That way, if it is givin as a gift, they have a reference to where to purchase more. (That is "IF" I can ever get around to posting them!) Note: on a few of them, in trying something new, I put a piece of grapevine through the center, and it looked like snowmen arms. (Far right corner of last pic above.)

I also went back, after taking these pics and added a piece of homespun to the top left corner of each packet. It just was needing something more cute n' country, I thought. lol.

Set of 4 Snowmen Magnets I have packaged up.

           Don't forget to send me a link to yours if you get time to try these!
Update: Here's a link to the next batch I made which have the words Faith, Family, Friends and more on them: Snowmen Clothespin Magnets